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Curtis is a hidden gem of a region. Here are 15 hidden gems. Listed below are recreational opportunities, Winter activities, and attractions. Check out these hidden gems and make your next trip to Curtis a memorable one! Located in the Manistique Lakes Area, Curtis offers a variety of recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Recreational opportunities

Curtis, Nebraska, offers many recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Surrounded by forests and over 15,000 acres of lakes, this picturesque community is the perfect setting for a family vacation. There are dozens of resorts in the area and many different recreational activities that will suit all members of the family.

Curtis Creek Campground is a popular camping spot with swimming holes and excellent trout fishing. The campground has a history that includes old CCC buildings. Nearby hiking trails include Hickory Branch and Mackey Mountain, which lead to waterfalls. For longer hikes, the area has several backcountry trails.


Curtis is a small town that is full of fun things to do for the entire family. The town is home to two splash pads and a nature preserve where you can see thousands of different types of animals. If you want to explore the natural world on foot, you can explore the numerous hiking trails throughout the area. There are also many ponds and lakes in the area.

In the summer, the town is one of the busiest in the Upper Peninsula, and hosts outdoor events and festivals. Visitors will find a wealth of craft shops and gift shops, and there are miles of hiking trails and Lake Superior shoreline. For nature lovers, there is the Crisp Point Lighthouse, Seney Wildlife Refuge, and Yooperlites and Agates.

Curtis is a great place to go skiing. Winter sports are popular in the area, as well, and you can enjoy ice-fishing and hunting while visiting the city. Curtis also has three golf courses in the area. This makes it a great place to spend the day or take a weekend.

Winter activities

Curtis has a variety of winter activities for visitors to the Upper Peninsula. Visitors can enjoy ice climbing and dog sledding at nearby Chamberlin’s Old Forest Inn. There are also 22 miles of marked cross-country skiing trails. In addition, Curtis has an historic townsite where you can experience a bustling industrial age where charcoal pig iron was produced. The state park also offers hiking and camping. If you’re interested in fishing, there are several lakes in the area.

Manistique Lakes Area

The Manistique Lakes Area in Curtus Michigan is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is home to three beautiful lakes. These lakes are North Manistique Lake, Big Manistique Lake, and South Manistique Lake. These lakes are a wonderful destination for fishing and other activities, and are popular year-round. During the winter months, many people also take advantage of the many ice-fishing opportunities available.

The Manistique Lakes Area is home to over 20,000 acres of inland lake water. The area also boasts hundreds of miles of rivers and streams. Many of the lakes offer excellent fishing, including steelhead, brook trout, and brown trout. The area also has an exceptional spring smelt run.

If you are looking for a family getaway, or simply a weekend away, Curtis is a great destination. The lake system offers excellent fishing opportunities, as well as a number of fine lodging options. Visitors can also explore the area’s art and music venues, and enjoy the Independence Day Parade.

The Manistique Lakes Area is a unique waterfront village that offers unlimited opportunities for fishing, boating, and other recreational pursuits. The lakes are surrounded by forests and offer a beautiful setting for families. The town of Curtis is located midway between US-2 and M-28, and there are more than 30 resorts and lodges in the area.

Day trips from Curtis

Day trips from Curtis can be a great way to spend your vacation. The island is a perfect size for exploring, and there are plenty of things to do. For example, you can hike the conservation areas of Curtis, which will provide you with incredible views of the landscape. You will need to bring supplies with you and have a moderate level of fitness to do this hike.

The area surrounding Curtis, MI, boasts 20,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness and friendly faces. Located about an hour’s drive from the town, you can visit popular places in the area, such as the Whitefish Point and Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and the Seney Wildlife Refuge, which is home to endangered bears. You can also visit the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which sits between Munising and Grand Marais.

Curtis Island is best explored by 4×4 vehicle, though the island is also accessible by ferry or private boat. The entry point is at Southend, and you will find around 300 residents. The island is home to two conservation parks. One of these offers an exclusive view of the island. If you don’t feel like walking around, you can spend the day birdwatching and watching the local wildlife.

Curtis Island also offers camping and other amenities, which will help you enjoy your stay while on the island. Curtis Ferry Services also runs leisure cruises in the nearby Gladstone Harbour and can take you to several other coral cay islands. Moreover, the company can help you find the best spot for camping on the island.

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