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In the mid-’00s, bands like Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy, and The Shins were purveying a very particular type of giddy, instrument-stuffed pop music that wasn’t being well represented on the radio.

Now koriakittenriot have picked up the torch of this kind of indie-pop and delivered it with a light touch on their third record Rich Men Poor Men Good Men, which will be released on January 10th by GAEA Records. It’s a joyful, optimistic album that is perfect for those who enjoy cheery indie-folk that makes you smile, no matter what your mood is.

The band is led by singer-songwriter Antti Reikko, who cites Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Nick Drake, Jon Auer, Damien Rice, The Flaming Lips and Regina Spektor as influences on their songs. It is not uncommon for someone to list this sort of a list of musical inspirations, but it usually means that the individual really knows their music.

Reikko writes, sings and plays almost everything himself on this debut solo album. He recorded it in his bedroom using GarageBand and a Behringer mixer connected to a MacBook. He also played acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, glockenspiel, harmonica and trombone on the album.

Reikko was able to make the album on a shoe-string budget. He used his home studio and a friend, Eino Anttila, mixed the final tracks. It’s a testament to his talent that he managed to turn this album into a fully formed and honest recording.

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