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Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning

Airbnb has recently introduced enhanced cleaning standards, and already 1.5 million hosts have committed to them. With over 7 million listings, this is a significant number. The introduction of these standards comes at a time when Airbnb has faced increased scrutiny and concerns about the safety of its listings. Recent cases of COVID-19 and other health threats have led to a heightened focus on Airbnb’s operations.


Airbnb has rolled out a new cleaning program called Enhanced Cleaning. While Airbnb hosts can still opt out of the program, it is recommended for them to make the change now. These new rules require hosts to follow a five-step process to clean their properties. To enroll in the new program, hosts must log in to their accounts and review the guidelines, take a quiz, and agree to an attestation. After they have completed the program, their listings will bear the “Enhanced Clean” tag.

The new fee can be as much as $300 per night, which is higher than the standard cleaning fee. Airbnb hosts are expected to provide a thorough cleaning to their guests. Fortunately, the company provides a handy tool to do this. With PriceLabs’ Market Dashboards, hosts can make informed decisions based on real-time data from Airbnb. This makes it easier to set the right fee without scaring off potential guests.

In addition to cleaning fees, Airbnb hosts are entitled to charge a 15% host-only charge in most countries. While this fee is not required for all types of listings, it is appropriate for those with high-end listings. In these cases, Airbnb hosts may need to charge additional fees to maintain the high standard of living they claim. In this case, hosts may want to take a look at the rates of their competition before setting their own fee.

When choosing a cleaning fee, consider the length of stay of your guests. For example, a two-night stay requires a lower cleaning fee than a fourteen-night stay. In contrast, a 14-night stay requires a thorough cleaning. For longer stays, you should spread the fee over a longer period, so the average cost per night is lower.

Airbnb has promised full transparency about its cleaning fees. However, despite the promises, the fees have risen from $75 to $100 over the last two years. Airbnb provides compelling reasons for the change.


When you want your guests to leave your rental property clean and sanitary, sign up for the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning program. By enrolling in this program, you can improve the appearance of your listing and earn a special callout on your listing. The program also includes checklists and cleaning protocols. You can use these checklists to make sure your listing is spotless.

Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning is a new standard that will make your listings more sanitary. The company says that over 1.5 million hosts have signed up to adhere to the new standards. These new requirements will improve the quality of the listings and help hosts meet the evolving demands of the consumers. However, if you don’t follow the new standards, the company may remove you from the platform.

This new initiative was introduced as part of Airbnb’s broader commitment to health and safety. In addition to the new standards, Airbnb is also providing its hosts with tools to help them meet these requirements, including videos, checklists, and recommended supplies. Airbnb has also expanded its COVID-19 safety policies, which require hosts to wear masks while cleaning and practice social distancing.

Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol was developed with help from leading medical and hospitality hygiene experts. It is currently available in twelve countries, with more to come. The protocol includes a 5-step cleaning process and room-by-room checklists that will help hosts make their listings as clean as possible and ensure the health and safety of their guests.

Signage for Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning allows you to choose between three different listing options. These include the option to add linens. During the novel coronavirus outbreak, Airbnb was able to make the vacation rentals more sanitary. As a result, the Enhanced Cleaning program is a safer option than a hotel during the outbreak.


The Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning initiative is a program that will give you the resources and knowledge to deep clean your Airbnb property. The certification requires you to follow a five-step process and pass a test. It’s an important step to take to protect your guests and your property. Airbnb wants all of its hosts to use Enhanced Cleaning to keep their listings as clean as possible.

Airbnb has developed an enhanced cleaning protocol in conjunction with leading medical and hospitality experts. The program is currently available in twelve countries, with more to follow. It consists of a five-step process and room-by-room checklists for the cleanliness of Airbnb listings. This protocol helps to protect guests and hosts and supports the safe reopening of communities. This cleaning protocol is based on a new set of guidelines developed by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in collaboration with former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

To receive the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning certification, hosts must adhere to strict sanitizing and hygiene standards. For example, they must wear personal protective equipment and use disinfectants that have been approved by regulatory bodies. These new standards are designed to prevent the spread of diseases such as the coronavirus, which has been responsible for at least nine million infections worldwide.

In addition to the certification, hosts will need to follow strict guidelines for the cleanliness of their listings. Airbnb will provide checklists, videos, and tools for Airbnb hosts to follow the new standards. They will also need to keep their listings vacant for 24 hours before welcoming guests. As a sign of their commitment to cleanliness, hosts can display a special icon on their listing pages to show their guests that they adhere to these standards. The certification process is an open-book test and hosts will have the opportunity to take the test as many times as necessary.

The Enhanced Cleaning certification process has been developed based on the guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Enhanced Cleaning certification program also incorporates the guidance of leading medical and hospitality experts. In addition, the program has earned the Safe Travels seal from the World Trade & Tourism Council.

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