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In a nutshell, Antti Reikko is the man behind KKR (which stands for Koria Kitten Riot). He’s no newcomer to the world of indie rock, having fronted Johnny Superhero since 2010, but his solo work has not received the love it deserves.

‘Songs of Hope and Science’ sees the Finnish band fronted by Reikko return to their influences with a thematically charged album that intertwines hope and science, ideas brought on by a tumultuous 2016. Lead single ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ is an anthemic mix of piano and guitar that’s as evocative as it is funky.

Lights Out

Helsinki, Finland-based musician Antti Reikko has been quietly making a name for himself under the moniker Koria Kitten Riot. They released a fine debut album last year and have been steadily building a reputation for themselves as one of the best newcomers to the Nordic indie rock scene, yet their work has gone unnoticed by many.

For a band that has a penchant for pop-infused indie rock, their music is surprisingly mature and refined. Songs like “The Earth Will Spin Around” and “The Lovers That You’ve Never Had” have a certain poise and elegance that is rare in their genre, as well as an ability to convey the ethereal.

Lights Out is a clever horror film that riffs on the fear of darkness, mining it for scares in an unusual and creative way. It works well for most of its runtime, but loses its steam as the film becomes increasingly familiar with its premise and less effective as a result.

The film’s abbreviated runtime means that it breezes through a variety of clever “it’s behind you!” or “it’s right there!” scares with reckless abandon. It also means that there is very rarely any time for the audience to catch their breath before a new scare pops up, causing these moments to become repetitive and ultimately sapping the film’s energy.

A good number of these scares are very clever and well-executed, but they can be a little too easy to spot. They often take place at the same time, which can be distracting for some viewers and leave others feeling cheated.

If you’re a fan of these sorts of movies, then Lights Out is definitely worth a watch. Despite its flaws, it is still a fun and entertaining movie that will keep you guessing throughout.

In an era of bloated summer blockbusters, it’s refreshing to see a movie that is taut and focused. The underlying problem is that movie runtimes are becoming increasingly extended, driven by the need to give audiences some measurable return on investment. The result is that many films have a hard time keeping their pace.

Is It Too Late?

When it comes to life changes, you’re never too late to do something new. Whether it’s starting a new exercise class, taking up a different hobby or even changing your work situation, the only limit is your own mind.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when trying to change your life is assuming that it’s too late. In fact, it’s never too late to start doing the things you’ve always wanted to do – and there are loads of people out there who are already living their best lives.

The Finnish indie pop quintet Koria Kitten Riot have just released their second full-length album, entitled ‘The Lows & the Highs’ and it’s a delight to say the least. They’re a talented band and their music has been influenced by the likes of The Flaming Lips, Elliott Smith, Wilco and early Weezer.

They aren’t the first band to bring us this kind of acoustic-led, maximalist indie-pop but they have certainly done it better than most. The album features well-crafted acoustic guitar-based songs with ambitious instrumental arrangements, reminiscent of Bright Eyes and The Shins.

Despite the album’s obfuscating name and its many technical flaws, it was a pleasure to listen to and is a record that I will be revisiting time and again. The title track is a particularly fun song and it’s the best example of their talent in songwriting, which is evident across this new album.

Let’s Be Kind to Each Other

Kindness is one of the most important virtues in our lives, and the Bible reminds us to be kind to others. Whether it is giving compliments, donating to charity, or holding the door open for someone else, it’s easy to do small things that can have a big impact on other people’s lives.

We’ve all seen someone do something for another person that made their day a little bit brighter, and sometimes we take that kindness for granted. But, you should always remember that being kind is a virtue that we all have the opportunity to learn and practice every day.

The power of kindness is not only a good thing for other people, but it also makes you feel good yourself. It also boosts your mood, increases your energy levels and helps you sleep better.

It can be hard to be kind when someone is being mean to you, but you can still make a positive difference in their life. This is especially true for children who may be experiencing bullying or other forms of abuse.

In order to help them practice being kind, let’s teach them about the importance of kindness and what they can do to show their friends and families how much they care. Here are some simple ways to teach kindness:

1. Share a Kindness Quote

There are many quotes out there that can inspire you to be more kind to others. Find your favorite and then share it with your friends and family!

2. Talk About It

It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re going through a hard time. But, if you talk to other people and tell them you’re struggling, it can make all the difference in the world!

3. Volunteer

We all want to make a difference in the world, and doing so can be incredibly rewarding. It can be difficult to find time to help others when you’re busy with school and other obligations, but volunteering is an excellent way to get involved.

4. Give a Kid an Angel

It’s not always easy to be nice when you are hurt or feeling down, but you can show other kids how much you care by giving them a hug or a smile. This can be the best way to help them feel better about themselves and their situation.

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