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In Artful Journeys, Joan Hill combines her passion for music, an affinity for the beautiful things in life, and an ability to organize events to create a program of art education trips that broaden the mind and spirit. Originally based in the Val d’Orcia of southern Tuscany, artfulljourney has now expanded to include art and cooking workshops throughout Europe as well as more domestic cultural trips.

The sonic experience of The Artful Escape is an absolute delight. The game’s environments look interstellar, with responsive foregrounds revealing a wide array of objects and creatures that make each world feel like it is part of an interactive show. Adding in the rifts that Francis plays on his guitar, as well as the sarcastic and sometimes gibberish characters he meets along the way, elevates the visual style even further.

Voice acting is another big draw, and the cast of actors really deliver their lines well. Michael Johnston, Caroline Kinley, and Carl Weathers are a particularly strong group that adds a level of character that makes the story feel more personal.

The aural experience of The Artful Escape is one of its most compelling features, and the game isn’t afraid to be challenging when it needs to be. There are a few tiny issues that pop up here and there, but nothing that keeps the game from being a genuine entertainment experience. The resulting game is something more than worthy of being placed among the top indie games on the PlayStation platform.

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