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Chat Bots: Microsoft’s Next-Gen Messenger

Message bots are an innovative and new take on existing customer service systems. A bot is a computer program that performs specific functions based on programmed instructions. They are similar to customer service agents that calling people on the phone and perform a variety of tasks. But instead of receiving a voice message, you get a message. Unlike real life customer service representatives, message bots can talk to customers in their native languages.

You might be using message bots as a part of your business marketing strategy. Bots can help with sales leads, contact information, inquiry forms, order confirmations, and questions about your products and services. They can also be programmed to retrieve certain information for users, such as addresses and phone numbers. Bots are easy to program using special software and the Internet. However, you must know basic Internet and computer skills to fully use them. You can find instructions, FAQs, and tips online and purchase software or special programming programs for creating your own message bots.

Businesses are realizing the advantages of message bots. They can provide many different benefits to businesses. Businesses can use them for customer service, lead generation, lead conversion, product tracking, telemarketing, and email marketing. Bot use cases vary greatly from industry to industry. In this article, we will discuss three different industries that can greatly benefit from chatbot technology. Let’s look at what each industry would be like without the use of these chatbots:

Sales: Using a chatbot for customer service can increase sales because it allows a salesperson to keep in touch with clients who may be far away from their office. In today’s society, distance does matter, but most people still want to talk to someone they know. By using a chatbot, a salesperson can use their computer and webcams to connect with the client and help resolve any questions they may have.

Service industries: We’re already hearing about the advances being made in artificial intelligence and computer software. Now it’s turning out to be a big deal to communicate with real people on the phone, from a variety of different industries. Chatbot technology is taking this idea one step further by allowing companies to have live conversations with customers that happen over the Internet. Companies like Google, eBay, and Yahoo are working on chatbot technologies that allow them to have very natural conversations with individuals. It’s unclear what the future holds for chat bot technology, but it’s safe to say that it will continue to grow and expand. From the service industry to retail, there are many different industries that will be positively impacted by artificial intelligence and chatbot technology.

Mobile Computing: One industry that is quickly seeing the benefits of mobile computing is the mobile computing industry. People are moving from desktop computers to mobiles and this means that their needs are going to be met no matter what device they happen to be on. The mobile computing market is growing very quickly and has a lot of potential. However, it is a little hard to determine if message bots will make it or not. It looks as though Microsoft may be the company to make this happen because of its ownership of the mobile Monkey project.

Microsoft already has an application called Skype which allows users to talk to each other using the Windows Mobile platform. The company isn’t done with the mobile technology, however, and they’re also currently working on chatbot builders that will allow developers to create message bots for other platforms. Microsoft is clearly going for the future and it looks as though they will succeed with chatbot builders.

The future is here and it looks as though mobile computing will be an integral part of it. If you haven’t given the bot a try yet, you really should give it a try and see how easy it is to use message bots. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, or even just SMS text messages, you will quickly see the benefits of using a mobile interface as opposed to a traditional web interface.

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