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Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning

Airbnb has just introduced a new policy, called Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning. It encourages hosts to clean their vacation rentals themselves or to hire cleaning service providers. If you do decide to hire help, here’s a checklist for quick run-throughs. You can also read the FAQs to learn about fees and other requirements.


In June, Airbnb introduced its new guidelines for enhancing the cleanliness of listings. Since then, over 1.5 million hosts have committed to complying with the guidelines, which are intended to make the quality of Airbnb rentals as high as possible. The new standards follow recommendations from medical hygiene experts, including former US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. The company also pledged to make participating listings transparent, and these changes have garnered the company the safe travel stamp from the World Tourism and Travel Council.

The guidelines require hosts to follow a five-step cleaning process and follow local guidelines. In addition, the hosts must wear a mask when interacting with their guests. The cleaning checklist can be found in their Airbnb account or handbook, and the videos and tips can be found on their website. If a host is not in accordance with these guidelines, they will be banned from hosting. The guidelines also include five steps for performing an enhanced cleaning.

The guidelines also include a social distance policy, which requires hosts to wear masks when dealing with guests and a five-step cleaning procedure, which must be followed by Nov. 20. According to Airbnb, the enhanced cleaning process will help to make Airbnb listings safer for guests and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The guidelines for Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol require hosts to follow guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning rooms in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC. Airbnb is also partnering with EcoLab, a global provider of cleaning technologies. The guidelines will be implemented in May, and the hosts can also opt in to the “Booking Buffer” program that requires a 72-hour vacancy period between stays.


If you’re committed to offering a higher-quality cleaning experience to your guests, you can earn a badge that will tell your guests that you’ve enrolled in the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. The badge will also tell guests that you have a 72-hour buffer between bookings and you follow a five-step cleaning process. Lastly, you’ll be able to state a specific time for your guests to check out and make sure that they have a clean room.

Enhanced Cleaning is a required feature of Airbnb. This means that you need to follow the company’s cleaning standards as well as local laws and guidelines. You can find checklists for Airbnb’s cleaning process in your account or handbook, and there are videos and tips available online. If you’re not committed to the Airbnb enhanced cleaning process, you’ll be banned from hosting. Besides the 5-step enhanced cleaning process, you also need to follow the COVID-19 safety standards, which include masks and social distancing.

The new program has been introduced by Airbnb in June, and since then, 1.5 million hosts have signed up to follow the enhanced cleaning guidelines. This initiative has come about because of increased scrutiny about the safety of listings on the platform. There have been several recent cases of COVID-19, which is a bacterial infection that infects guests. The program aims to ensure that all listings are as safe as possible for guests.

Enhanced Cleaning will include COVID-19 prevention measures, such as using personal protective equipment, and using disinfectants that have been approved by regulatory authorities. For additional precaution, the CDC recommends a 24-hour period between cleaning and entering a contaminated space. This time period is intended to address the risk that the virus particles can remain airborne for hours.


If you want your guests to experience a clean and well-maintained home, consider enrolling in the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning initiative. Once you’ve signed up for the program, your listing will display a special callout that tells your guests that you’re committed to cleanliness. The program also offers checklists for specific rooms and areas. The checklists will help you identify maintenance issues that need to be addressed before your guests arrive.

Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning fees aren’t required for most listings, but some hosts choose to charge them for their luxury listings. While this fee may seem excessive, it is often justified for larger listings. It’s important to consider the target audience for your listing to determine the appropriate fee. For example, a backpacking group is likely to have different expectations than a more upscale audience. Also, you should consider whether you need a professional cleaning team, which will affect your fees.

Airbnb also offers badges for hosts who have committed to the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. This badge shows that the host has committed to a five-step cleaning process. The badges also show that the host has a minimum 72-hour buffer between reservations. Moreover, hosts who agree to the program’s policies and programs will have a special callout on their listing page.

Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning fees are not required, but they can help you compete with other hosts on the platform. Besides, these fees are a great way to keep your Airbnb listing in top shape. Airbnb hosts can also choose to charge a service charge to cover additional expenses, such as hiring a cleaning crew to come to the property and clean it.


The new Requirements for Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning program aims to provide a consistent standard of cleaning for all of Airbnb’s listings. The five-point checklist will be presented to participating hosts, and those who meet the standards will have a cleaning highlight displayed on their listings.

Since the new program’s introduction in June, over 1.5 million Airbnb listings have met the new standards. Enhanced Clean guidelines are intended to protect guests by addressing hygiene and safety concerns. The guidelines are aligned with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to Airbnb, enhanced cleaning listings have more bookings and are three times more likely to be booked. The program has received a great deal of scrutiny over the safety of Airbnb’s listings, which is understandable, given the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and elsewhere.

As a result of the new program, hosts who meet the Requirements for Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning can keep their badge, which will display a special callout on their listing pages. The majority of hosts participating in the new program have opted into Enhanced Clean, but fewer have signed up for Booking Buffer. The reason for this is that travelers can’t filter their searches to only include listings with a specific badge. However, travelers will be able to tell which listings have the “Enhanced Clean” badge, as the Enhanced Clean badge will appear on the top of the listing page.

As a host, you must make sure your listings meet the Enhanced Cleaning standards to ensure that they are safe for guests. While Airbnb has always put cleanliness first, a recent outbreak of the coronavirus virus has made it necessary to take the issue even more seriously. Enhanced Cleaning can make a big difference to your income and reputation. If you’re unsure about the new requirements, read the Enhanced Cleaning Quick Start Guide.

Signs of compliance

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, announced by Airbnb in April, is a stringent standard of cleanliness that requires hosts to adhere to specific health and safety requirements. It aims to ensure that homes are sanitary and free from harmful bacteria, mold and other contaminants. The five-step process requires hosts to wash clothes in high-temperature water, disinfect high-contact surfaces and ventilate rooms. Hosts that fail to comply with the standards may be subject to warnings, suspensions or even removal from the platform.

Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning standards are intended to protect its host community, guests and other stakeholders. The Airbnb host program gives hosts the support they need to comply with the requirements and provide a sanitary environment for guests. It also offers special materials that can help them keep their listings sanitized and bacteria-free. The inventory can also be used by health authorities, communities and governments to confirm the cleanliness of an Airbnb listing.

In addition to the five-step Enhanced Cleaning process, Airbnb hosts must abide by local health and safety guidelines. A host can find cleaning checklists, videos and tips in their Airbnb account. The platform has also introduced a social distancing policy for hosts who are not in compliance with the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Process.

It is important to note that Airbnb hosts should only charge a minimal cleaning fee of ten percent of the total cost of a reservation. They should keep in mind that if the cleaning fee is high, guests might expect to walk out without having to pay for it, as they would if they stayed in a hotel.

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