Have you missed another dental exam and are you starting to notice stains and minor pain? Most likely you have developed dental caries which, if left untreated, can seriously damage your teeth.

The earlier you visit the dentist, the better chance you have of saving yourself from unnecessary pain and discomfort. You can also find professional cavity fillings in Bend (Oregon) online.

Dental hygiene practices usually ensure that your teeth stay healthy. But there is nothing wrong with going to the dentist regularly. Usually, these occasional examinations indicate the early stages of dental caries and can be corrected with simple fillings.

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However, if you don't treat tooth decay at this early stage, a more complex procedure that requires multiple sessions may be needed.

Tooth cavities are formed when the acid produced by bacteria found in plaque starts to flow through the hard enamel and reach the softer part under the tooth called "dentin".

There are three general methods of treating cavities, depending on the severity.

1. Filling

2. Filling and placing the crown

3. Root canal treatment

If the tooth is only slightly stained with black or white stains, the dentist will clean it thoroughly and then fill the cavity with a very soft and flexible filling material.

If the tooth is damaged enough and a large metal filling has to be used to protect the tooth, the dentist will recommend a crown. To do this, the tooth is prepared and shaped so that it can receive a crown. The impression is then made to model the tooth on which the crown will be made.

Crowns can be made entirely of metal or entirely ceramic and in some cases a combination of ceramic and metal. After the crown is ready to be installed, the dentist will use dental cement to attach it to the prepared tooth. The end result is teeth that look and feel like your real teeth!