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Facebook today lets you set up Messenger chat bots on all of your company’s pages. Messenger chat Bots allow you to easily have an automated chat with people that click on the Facebook Messenger link from your landing or main page to begin a chat. You can also use Messenger chat bots for sales, promotions, donation reminders, and many other purposes. Users never have to type in their information again, saving you time. All they have to do is click on the button and it automatically starts a message.

Using Messenger as part of your email marketing strategy is an effective and convenient way to increase traffic and brand awareness for your website. In addition to the automatic messages, Messenger has several other features that will help your marketing plan. For example, you can choose to give users the option to opt-in to receive marketing emails. In addition, Messenger also lets users add and delete email addresses at their leisure. In this manner, you can create and customize your own list of email addresses that you intend to send out promotional information or ads to.

As discussed, this new feature is proving to be extremely beneficial to all online marketing professionals and businesses. The top three search engines are including Messenger in their results page for every query. This is great news for companies that wish to generate traffic through their social media accounts or blogs. These types of sites include Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Google recently partnered with messaging app Groupon to let marketers manage their advertising costs across all three services. By using a chatbot, you can easily integrate your advertising campaigns across these platforms.

It is important for marketers to realize how difficult it can be to gain exposure for their products or services. Social media does not lend itself well to conventional advertising techniques. While it is possible to successfully garner attention through websites, content, and social networking outlets, it is nearly impossible to attract customers through marketing campaigns. Through Messenger, however, marketers can increase their exposure to their target demographic. This new feature allows them to easily share valuable information, videos, and photos with their followers, as well as track which of their contacts have visited their websites.

Facebook chat bots also allow users to use third-party applications that will run on the Facebook Messenger platform. Since Messenger is integrated within the browser, you can use popular programs that allow users to access your website through their Facebook account. For example, the open source Chatroulette web browser can be used to access your site. In fact, many of these programs are actually web browsers with Facebook integration. This functionality is especially helpful for those who want to advertise their products or services directly to Facebook users.

The new block feature will allow you to view recent conversations in your Facebook account. You will be able to see both text and video replies from both bot and user. When you hover your mouse cursor over a discussion, it will expand to show a list of comments and replies. New comments and replies will be displayed beneath the post in the chatbox. Hover your cursor over any message and it will expand to reveal the Bot’s suggested response. The Bot will also suggest a new block, which may include the bot’s own name, a quote, an image, or anything else of your choice.

A new feature called the subscription module allows a Facebook user to sign up for a free chattel account, which will automatically add them to a subscriber list. As soon as they subscribe to the list, Facebook will send a notice to all their Facebook users, inviting them to join their subscription list. Upon acceptance, the subscriber’s name will be added to the list. These subscribers will all have the same chat interactions with the Bot. As with the chatbox, each conversation is automatically saved and you can see the names of all the people who joined that conversation.

All in all, Facebook Messenger has simplified the way we communicate with our friends on Facebook. It gives us the ability to talk without typing any text and we don’t even need to write our own messages. All these great features are being brought to you by the Facebook Messenger Bot, which means all your messages are transcribed by the bot for you. Chat Bots are now a part of Facebook messenger.

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