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A Facebook Messenger bot is basically a piece of applications designed to utilize AI (artificial intelligent) to communicate with other people. In simple terms, a bot is software designed to execute automated tasks automatically. These bots can recognize what they’re being asked and can formulate a more human-like reply. Bots on Facebook are helpful because they provide a way to interact with and chat with other users effortlessly without having to type out long messages or repeat someone’s statement several times.

facebook messenger bot

Bot owners can create image credits that will appear at the bottom of each chat session. Image credits are not currently available but will be coming soon. This feature is similar to the image tags that you see on most social networking sites. With the facebook messenger bot, however, the bot owner is able to insert their company logo and/or photo into these tags so that Facebook associates their content with the bot. Currently the only way to remove an image credit is to delete the facebook messenger bot itself, which could prove to be difficult or impossible.

Along with the ability to insert photos and logos, another feature of this bot is that it integrates with mobile apps. Currently there aren’t any Facebook mobile apps available yet, but it looks like the Bot will be integrated with them in the future. It would be really neat if you could integrate your Facebook messenger bot with a bunch of different mobile apps, but I have my fingers crossed that the functionality will actually include multiple mobile apps.

One final feature of the Bot is that it has artificial intelligence. You may remember the Facebook bot that messaged you back when you weren’t on the site. The Bot was able to compose responses and even jokes and sing songs. This artificially intelligent feature is still in beta, but many believe it will soon be included with all of the Facebook chat bots. If this happens you’ll never have to be a little worried about your friends texting you, or being able to get in touch with them from anywhere.

Unlike most chat Bots, the Facebook Messenger Bot has a built in “heatmap.” Heat maps are visualizations of user interaction in the form of heat sources, areas of interest, and other factors. This heat map allows a user to see at a glance where they are most likely to go next on a social media site. This could be very handy if you’re trying to market your business to a specific group on the site, or if you want to target people based on age, gender, or any other number of criteria.

In all, the Facebook Messenger Bot is a useful way to integrate bots with chat, e-mail, and applications so that your customers won’t have to work too hard to find you and won’t be left searching for an employee to answer their questions. If you are looking to automate your customer service functions, and if you want to do it while keeping up with the latest technological developments, then the Facebook Messenger Bot is for you. The only thing that’s not quite clear is whether it will be enough to satisfy your business needs. Only time will tell!

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