Mindfulness is about waking up, connecting with yourself – who you really are. This is the art of living completely. In short, mindfulness training allows you to live a rich, satisfying, and meaningful life while accepting the "pain" that goes with it. Most of us are on the way to happiness, but life is often different.

With meditation we allow ourselves to be guided and confirmed by our deepest values. It is also beneficial for mental health treatment. In short, it is a fusion of modern medicine that could be taken in the form of physical exercise.

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Attention training is guided by 6 main processes:

1. Connect with the present moment. We often find it difficult to stay present. We are lost in thought and lose touch with what is happening around us. It often saves our energy. Meditation and mindfulness practice gives you the ability to remain fully present.

2. Peel. This is the awareness of our thoughts. Instead of resisting or suppressing our thoughts, we learn to hold them gently. We understand it for what it is: an ordinary thought consisting of floating words and images.

3. Acceptance. It means opening up and making room for painful thoughts, feelings, or emotions. We give them space to breathe. This does not mean "being patient" with unwanted thoughts or feelings. We only observe them from space, often referred to as our observing selves.