Personnel Department: " Employee documents (forms, services, etc.); hours worked; History of the organization; Review of organizational charts; Inspection of facilities.

Training department: Delivery of simple paperless onboarding tool for staffing industry has program elements; Lectures and discussions on organizational culture, goals, and guidelines; Check out the company video.

Supervisor: Duties and responsibilities; Work behavior, standards, and expectations; Meetings with colleagues from the team and other organizational members; Department visits; Review of roles and other relationships in the department.

Colleague: How the group works as a team; how to do something; how to find / request tools and equipment.

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Leadership team: Mission, vision, and values; organizational strategic goals and objectives; review of roles and responsibilities at a high-level; description of organizational culture.

Mentor/friend: Introduction of colleagues and other organizational members; Review of informal rules and guidelines; Answer everyday questions.

Management Engagement: Interacting with management shows employees that the company cares and that the decision-maker is not a stranger ordering from Olympus. Mgmt should also present the first part of the orientation slide, with a focus on the story, direction, goal, vision, strategy, etc. 

This must be enthusiastic and strongly believe in the organization's mission will help new employees enter and get excited and involved in the organization's mission/direction/strategy the first day.