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Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning

If you’ve been considering joining Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Program, you may be wondering how it works and what it’s all about. The website offers a quiz to determine whether you’re a good candidate, and it outlines the policies and programs involved. It also lists the requirements to become a host. Those who pass the quiz will earn a badge and be able to state that they go through a five-step cleaning process.


If you’ve recently published an Airbnb listing, you’ve likely noticed that your listing is showing a sparkling clean icon. While you can’t control how the listing looks, you can do some simple things to improve the cleaning experience. First, you should read the guides that accompany each cleaning quiz. After you’ve finished reading the guides, you can take the quiz. If you answer a question incorrectly, try again. If you’ve passed the quiz, a cleaning highlight will appear on your listing.

During the recent pandemic, Airbnb introduced its new Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. This program offers well-thought out recommendations on how to clean your Airbnb property. Once you’ve mastered the five-step cleaning protocol, you can earn a special badge and preferential ranking. To get this badge, you must complete the quiz. This quiz will ask you to select the correct order for each of the five steps. Before taking the quiz, read the cleaning manual and study the checklist. When cleaning, be sure to scrub your hands for at least _______ seconds.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll get a sticker and an icon on your listing page that will show that you’ve completed the new cleaning protocol. You can also read up on the topic and find helpful resources. If you fail the quiz, you can always try again until you get the correct answer. As long as you know the basic cleaning process, you’ll be able to pass the quiz and improve your Airbnb listing.

Despite these new cleaning guidelines, you should consult your cleaning company. You may need to amend your contract to reflect the new requirements. In the meantime, you should stay abreast of any changes that affect the quality of your listings. As the pandemic continues to spread across the world, it’s important to stay up-to-date on these changes and update your cleaning guidelines as necessary. The Resource Centre is located under your profile and you can click on it for a full menu.


Since June, Airbnb has introduced an Enhanced Cleaning policy, which requires hosts to adhere to a standard of cleanliness. As of July, more than 1.5 million listings adhere to the guidelines. More than 7 million listings are currently available, and the company is keen to improve their image. Moreover, the policy requires hosts to wear masks and keep a certain social distance. Violations of the policy will result in warnings and even suspensions of listings.

The Enhanced Cleaning policy outlines a five-step cleaning process for both guests and hosts. Airbnb hosts who violate the guidelines could face suspension of their account or even removal from the community. However, hosts who abide by the guidelines can receive special badges and mentions in their listing pages. Furthermore, Airbnb has updated the text on listing pages to better communicate expectations to guests. In addition, hosts who adhere to the Enhanced Cleaning policy are likely to have fewer complaints, which means more people will stay in their listings.

While Airbnb isn’t requiring its hosts to abide by the Enhanced Cleaning policy, they are allowed to display a sign indicating that they follow the guidelines. To become Enhanced Clean-certified, Airbnb hosts must pass a quiz and sign an attestation. Currently, this certification is available to US hosts only, although global roll-out will begin shortly. Until then, guests won’t be able to search listings by this certification.

If you’re unable to adhere to the Enhanced Cleaning policy, you can always opt for the 72-hour Booking Buffer. This feature allows hosts to use approved cleaning products and can also signal to guests that the rooms are empty 72 hours before their arrival. In the meantime, you can try again by choosing the Enhanced Cleaning protocol. If you do, you’ll receive a special icon on your listing page. If you pass, your listing page will have a “Committed to Cleaning” sign.


The Cost of Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning is a controversial issue. Originally, Airbnb tended to be less expensive than hotels, but this has changed. Airbnb hosts now charge a cleaning fee to protect their investment. This policy is not recommended by Airbnb. In addition, hosts are required to provide proof of their insurance and license, so they can be held accountable for any damages caused by the guests. Nevertheless, it is possible to set a minimum price that’s competitive and encourage long-term bookings.

In the past two years, Airbnb has significantly increased its cleaning fees. They have gone from a modest $75 to a whopping $100 per booking. However, the increase is not as drastic as some would expect. The average increase in Airbnb cleaning fees is about 40 percent in low-density urban areas. Airbnb is attempting to make up for the increased fees by offering hosts more flexibility when negotiating with their cleaning service providers.

While some hosts opt not to charge a cleaning fee, others choose to. Airbnb badges can help distinguish a host from others. A badge indicates that a host has made a commitment to the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. It is also helpful to consider the competition in your area. By looking at their rates, you can gauge the appropriate cleaning fee for your home. This will ensure that your listing is competitive with similar offerings. It is important to make sure you are giving your guests the most value for their money.

For Airbnb owners who want to be more competitive, enrolling in the Enhanced Cleaning program can help you increase your bookings. The program requires hosts to follow a five-step process to ensure their apartments are as clean as possible. The host must also pass a test to prove that they are committed to ensuring their guests are comfortable while staying in their home. Enhanced Clean is also good for the environment. Airbnb is committed to providing clean, sanitary accommodations.

Criteria for enrolling in the program

If you want to be an accredited host with the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, you can sign up for it. If you do, you will keep your existing badge and can state that you adhere to the 5-step cleaning process. You can also state the buffer time in between stays. The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol includes several additional policies and programs. You can read more about them on Airbnb’s website. It’s important to note that the badges are not exclusive to Airbnb. They also require hosts to adhere to a strict 5-step cleaning process.

When you sign up for this program, you can receive special callouts on Airbnb that let guests know your commitment to the program. These badges indicate that you have a minimum of 72 hours between reservations and use Booking Buffer. If you’re thinking about signing up for the program, be aware that you will have to pay additional fees for the enhanced cleaning program. In case you encounter any problems or questions, contact Airbnb community support.

In addition to the new standards, Airbnb has introduced a new Health and Safety mandate, which is available to all hosts. The new protocol encourages hosts to use proper disinfectants and protective equipment when cleaning. Additionally, it requires hosts to leave their listings unoccupied for 24 hours before guests check in. The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol also addresses the issue of airborne particles, which can affect the health of visitors. In addition, hosts must be aware of the risks associated with these airborne particles.

Once enrolled, Airbnb will send a reminder via email or direct message to all hosts. If hosts consistently break the standards, they may receive warnings, suspensions, or even removal from Airbnb. However, this is only a temporary measure and should not have an adverse impact on bookings. It is also important to note that hosts will have until November 20 to commit. If they fail to meet the health and safety guidelines, they will be subject to disciplinary actions including a warning and possibly an account suspension.

Resources for hosts

To meet the new requirements for cleanliness and health, Airbnb is introducing the “Enhanced Cleaning” protocol. The new standards were developed in partnership with experts in medical hygiene and hospitality. In 12 countries, this new cleaning standard is available for hosts, and will be extended to more in the near future. It includes a five-step checklist and videos to guide hosts in the process. The guidelines also include a social distancing policy when required by local laws.

The CDC also provides educational materials in various languages. This includes a Quick Start Guide, as well as a “Cleaning Handbook.” The guides provide information on personal protective equipment, how to clean every room in the home, and what cleaning supplies to stock in order to meet these standards. However, these guides should be used in conjunction with the local health authority. The resources for hosts with Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning are available at the CDC’s website.

Once you have read the guide, you can begin to clean your home. You can learn more about the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative on the Airbnb website. You can even sign up for a 72-hour buffer. During this time, guests cannot make reservations. Additionally, if you do not follow the guidelines, you will not be included in the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative inventory. However, if you are a Host who is willing to follow the guidelines, you can earn a special icon on your listing page.

After announcing the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, Airbnb has been working with experts in medical hygiene and hospitality to develop two new programs that will be available to all hosts. The new cleaning standards will help travelers feel more secure about the safety of their stays. The guidelines also require hosts to keep their listings vacant for 24 hours before checking in guests. The protocol also includes guidance on airborne particles. This will help Airbnb to ensure that hosts follow the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol.

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