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Enhanced cleaning on your Airbnb is a great way to increase your bookings. In fact, a clean house can attract three times more guests than an unclean one, which is important in the travel business. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this.


Earlier this year, Airbnb announced it would implement new cleaning guidelines for its host community. The rules, which will apply to all hosts, include a five-step cleaning process and an attestation of commitment. The initiative was developed with help from leading experts in medical hygiene and hospitality.

These new cleaning procedures are designed to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for guests, while protecting hosts. Airbnb has partnered with Ecolab, a global leader in hygiene technologies, to develop the guidelines. They also received guidance from former US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol is available to Airbnb hosts in 12 countries. It is expected to roll out to more locations in the coming weeks. In addition, if a guest experiences a problem while staying with a host who has committed to the protocol, they can contact the host’s community support.

In order to comply with the new standards, hosts must sign up for the Enhanced Clean program through their accounts. They will then be given tools to help them meet the new standards. The initiative includes cleaning checklists, tips, and videos. There is a quiz that hosts must take to make sure they understand the protocol. If they pass, they will be awarded a “cleaning highlight” and a sticker that will appear on their listing.

In addition to the new guidelines, Airbnb has expanded COVID-19 safety practices to protect both hosts and guests. These practices require that both hosts and guests wear masks when interacting with each other. Other safety measures include a 24-hour waiting period after a guest checks out. This gives the airborne particles time to settle out of the air.


Taking a quiz is a good way to learn about the new Enhanced Cleaning program launched by Airbnb. It is the first standardized guidelines for cleaning in the home sharing industry. While it is not mandatory for hosts, it is an indicator of a host’s commitment to cleanliness.

The Enhanced Cleaning program will educate hosts on how to disinfect their homes, and it will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of the year. It is the result of a partnership between leading experts in medical hygiene and hospitality.

To become Enhanced Cleaning Protocol certified, a host must pass a test. This is an open book test. In order to succeed, the host must follow a five-step cleaning protocol. They must also attest to the process, complete an attestation, and purchase personal protective equipment.

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol is the product of a collaboration between Airbnb and leading experts in medical hygiene and hospitality. The program is designed to protect guests, communities, and hosts. The Enhanced Clean initiative uses EPA-approved disinfectants and other safe, effective techniques to sanitize homes.

It is also worth noting that the Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is not the only cleaning initiative being implemented by Airbnb. The company’s newly introduced Booking Buffer program is another indication that the company cares about guest safety. It will give a host a 72-hour warning before the room becomes unavailable. The Enhanced Cleaning Initiative has also been rolled out to Center hosts, who can access enhanced cleaning educational materials in their local language.

To participate in the Enhanced Clean program, an Airbnb host must have an account and a listing. The list will be tagged with a “Enhanced Clean” tag. In addition to the tag, a host will receive a special cleaning icon on the listing page.


Developed in partnership with leading medical and hygiene experts, the 38-page handbook provides Airbnb hosts with new, standardized guidelines for cleaning their properties. This comprehensive guide covers everything from cleaning techniques and supplies to safety tips.

Airbnb’s Enhanced Clean protocol is the first standardized guidelines for cleaning in the home sharing industry. It was developed in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help limit the spread of coronavirus, which has caused nine million infections worldwide.

The Enhanced Clean initiative offers hosts a five-step process to ensure each listing looks clean and fresh. It also includes checklists and a video. In addition to the standard cleaning procedure, hosts can also opt into a 72-hour booking buffer. This program signals to guests that the room they are renting has been empty for at least 72 hours prior to their arrival.

The Enhanced Clean protocol also includes a quiz that hosts must complete to earn a special certification. A host who successfully passes the test will receive a badge that indicates they are a Enhanced Clean protocol certified host. This is not yet searchable on the Airbnb listings, but it is coming soon.

The Enhanced Clean protocol is available for hosts in twelve countries, including the U.S., Spain, France, Germany, and Ireland. It is also available to governments in advance of reopening communities for travel.

The handbook includes a five-step process for cleaning an Airbnb listing. It contains checklists, guidelines for personal protective equipment, and sanitization procedures. A host should review the handbook before each guest stays.

The handbook provides detailed instructions on how to sanitize and clean every room in an Airbnb property. It also explains how to reset and prepare for the next guest.

COVID-19 safety practices

Guests and hosts on AirBnB must follow COVID-19 safety practices to ensure the safety of everyone on the site. These guidelines are based on World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.

The COVID-19 safety practices include the use of masks and social distancing. It is also important to wash your hands often when you come into contact with surfaces outside of your reservation.

If you are an Airbnb host, you need to commit to adhering to the new enhanced cleaning protocol. This involves a five-step process and an attestation. If you are not compliant, you could be suspended or even have your account blocked from future bookings.

You will be provided with videos, articles and cleaning tips to help you comply with the new standards. You will be given an icon on your listing page, confirming your commitment to a clean stay.

Guests and hosts on Airbnb must wear masks. Respiratory droplets are a common way for COVID-19 to spread. They can land in the noses and lungs of people nearby. If you are not a host, you must not host someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

You must also agree to a social distance policy when you interact with guests. If you are staying at a single-dwelling rental, you will be required to wash your hands after interacting with the occupants.

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol was developed by Airbnb in conjunction with leading medical hygiene experts. It includes step-by-step checklists, gear recommendations, and sanitization guidelines. It has earned a Safe Travel stamp from the World Tourism and Travel Council.

You can find additional information about the “Enhanced Clean” program on the Airbnb site. It includes a quick start guide and cleaning checklists for every room. You can also access educational materials in local languages.

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