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If you’re looking for a content writer, there are a few different options that you may want to consider. These include GetGenie, Jarvis, and WordHero. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but all of them can be helpful to you.


GetGenie is a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence to generate content. It has many features, including a blog wizard, business idea generator, and review generator. In addition, it can write any type of material. This includes social media copy, ad copy, titles, FAQs, and product descriptions.

One of the most interesting features is the AIDA framework. It generates better paragraphs by summarizing information. The feature also helps you get rid of your writer’s block.

Another cool feature is the SEO helper. Using this tool, you can quickly find keywords that have a good search volume. You can also check the competition’s content.

Among the other features, GetGenie has an AIDA framework, which means that it can generate content that attracts viewers. It can also improve your paragraphs by using paragraph compression. And it’s easy to use, too.

GetGenie also comes with 30+ templates. These include FAQs, title ideas, and ad copy frameworks. It even has a testimonial generator. However, this tool’s biggest feature is its ability to create impressive content.

XpeedStudio, the company that made GetGenie, serves over 10 million users. They also specialize in Mobile, Web, and SaaS applications. Their recent release of MetForm reached a whopping 100,000 active installations.

As a result, it’s no wonder that GetGenie has gained a large following of copywriters. So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your writing and marketing efforts, you might want to give this new tool a try. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to put in some effort to make it work. Otherwise, it’ll just be a flop.

GetGenie is not the only AI-powered content writing tool out there. Some of them are only Text Editors, and others are Email Marketing Services. But if you’re looking for a complete, end-to-end solution that can help you with your content writing, blogging, and SEO, you’ll definitely want to consider GetGenie.


WordHero is a content creator that makes it easy for anyone to generate high quality, SEO optimized content. It’s used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters. You can use WordHero to create blog posts, social media captions, song lyrics, eBooks, and even online store product descriptions.

WordHero works by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your text and produce results. The result is a better, more engaging piece of content.

Unlike traditional writing tools, WordHero uses the best and most advanced AI language model technology available. This technology allows WordHero to quickly and efficiently analyze your text and create a piece of content.

WordHero is a cloud-based software solution that helps automate the writing process. It uses a powerful machine learning algorithm to generate content based on your keywords. Users can also customize the tone and length of their content.

WordHero uses a variety of templates, including listicles, Facebook ads, and Quora comments. Content is also available in different languages. For example, users can choose Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Chinese to write content in their native language.

With this tool, it’s easy to write and publish high-quality content in any time of the day. When you are pressed for time, WordHero is a valuable tool.

With the ability to create original and unique content, WordHero is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their online presence. Whether you are a blogger, marketer, or a writer, this AI-powered tool will help you create the content you need to succeed.

If you’re interested in using WordHero for your business, consider taking advantage of the company’s lifetime deal. With this deal, you’ll receive access to hundreds of thousands of articles each and every day.

WriteMe AI Article Writer

WriteMe AI article writer is the perfect solution for writers who want to improve the quality of their writing. It has a wide range of features to help you create the best content possible. You can use it to write original content, rewrite existing content or repurpose content.

The tool is designed to help you generate fresh ideas and write articles quickly. You can give the tool a topic or keyword, and it will generate unique content for you.

It also has a suggestion feature. If you have a topic you’d like to write about, you can enter it in and the AI will generate a first draft for you. Using its GPT-2 and GPT-3 power, it can reword your raw content ideas and convert them into well-versed, error-free content.

This AI content generator is the fastest in the industry. It takes just 15 seconds to write one article. However, the quality of the generated content is not as good as other tools.

Fortunately, you can test it out for free! With a free trial, you’ll get access to its 70+ tools. These include content suggestions, content suggestions for Instagram captions, a list of citations, a list of sources, and an on-page SEO recommendation.

In addition to its wide range of features, it offers a limited lifetime offer, which means you’ll only pay for a certain number of years. Depending on the amount of time you need the tool, you can choose from a saver plan, unlimited plan or the yearly plan. For a full year, you’ll pay $90.

There’s also a Freestyle Tool, which is similar to Jasper’s Boss Mode commands. While it will produce new, high-quality content, you may need to fact-check its content.


Jarvis is an AI content writer that can write blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions and ads. It is an automated tool that generates quality content in just a few minutes.

This tool was developed by a group of friends in Austin, Texas. The company was funded by Y Combinator. They recently rebranded their business to Jarvis AI.

Jarvis helps online entrepreneurs and startups create better articles. With its recipe system, it makes it easy to create short content for blog posts and content marketing.

Jarvis can generate engaging Q/As, Quora answers, and social media bios. It can also create interesting video titles. However, there are some limitations to using this tool. If you need long-form content, you’ll need to buy a higher tier of service.

Besides producing unique content, Jarvis can also improve your ranking on search engines. It will analyze your content and highlight areas where you need more information. In addition, it can translate your content into multiple languages.

Using a tool like this, you’ll be able to create better articles, ads, and landing pages. If you’re looking to grow your business, it’s a good idea to try Jarvis. Luckily, you can use the tool’s free trial to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.

You can buy a plan that allows you to write 100 articles a month. A more expensive plan will give you unlimited access to the tool’s features. But if you’re just starting out in the industry, you might be more suited for the beginner package.

While it’s not the cheapest option out there, it’s a great way to start writing quality, SEO-friendly content. And if you’re not too fond of robots, there’s also a human editor on standby.


Jasper is an AI content writer that helps you generate unique and original content in minutes. You can use it to write blog posts, listicles, and eBooks. It can also be used to feed marketing messages to your audience.

The Jasper AI tool is available in two different plans. The Starter plan costs $29 per month. In this plan, you can use 50+ templates to write your content. There are also 25+ languages supported. If you want a more advanced version of the Jasper tool, you can pay $119 for the BOSS mode. This version is more powerful and comes with more features.

One of the features of the Jasper tool is its ability to generate a video script. This feature is unique and is not found on any other software.

Another feature of the Jasper tool is its ability to create long-form content. Using the Jasper tool is simple. Simply input a product description, a headline, and a few keywords into the tool, and it will generate content for you.

The Jasper tool also offers a re-phrase feature. It attempts to improve the content by rewriting it using difficult words. Unlike the content improver, however, this feature doesn’t try to rewrite everything in the content.

Some of the other cool features of the Jasper tool include the ability to produce content for offline purposes. Jasper can also write web pages, resumes, and eBooks. Aside from producing content, the Jasper AI tool can be fed marketing messages and technical specifications.

The Jasper AI tool can be an excellent tool for digital marketers, bloggers, screenwriters, and novelists. However, it can be a bit costly for beginners.

For more information on the Jasper AI tool, you can check out its website or take a 7-day free trial. You can also network with other users and discuss tips on how to get the most out of the Jasper tool.

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