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Messenger bots are quickly becoming a top-notch way for businesses to communicate with customers. They’re quick, smart and incredibly flexible. And they can do more than just answer questions — a well-trained bot can also help improve conversions, boost sales and even drive growth.

How to Create a Messenger Bot

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a Facebook bot:

First, your messaging should be friendly and welcoming. The welcome message is your first chance to set expectations, ask questions and get the user engaged with your bot.

Next, you’ll want to design a flow sequence that will guide users through your bot’s messages without skipping a beat. Use a tree diagram like the one above to help you organize your sequence and make sure that each message flows smoothly from the previous one.

You can create your own message sequence or use one of our pre-built message templates. However, you’ll need to customize the welcome message, and you’ll need to make sure that it’s consistent across all platforms.

The main reason why you should have a bot that’s friendly and welcoming is to give people an easy way to contact you with any questions they might have. You can also include a button that allows users to schedule an appointment with your in-store team, which saves you time and helps streamline the process for customers.

Depending on your goals, you can build a bot that responds to customer questions, provides a shopping experience, or sends automated content blasts. Just be sure to include a way for users to opt out of automatic messaging as well as to update their preferences so that you’re only sending them information that they’re interested in.

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