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To run a successful Messenger bot, you must allocate a significant amount of time to promote it. You will also need to monitor incoming questions and customer experiences. You must also define the experience you want your customers to have with your bot. You should also be clear about what you want your bot to accomplish in terms of social media.


The Chatfuel messenger bot platform lets you create, modify, and embed a chatbot on your website. You can even create a button or quick reply text, and select what blocks will be displayed within the bot. A bot window embedded on your website will increase your conversions. You can use different templates for different types of content, and you can even customize the design of your bot according to your needs.

The Chatfuel messenger bot builder platform is free and requires no programming experience. The bots can be linked to your Facebook page or app, and can be used for a number of purposes, including increasing sales and qualifying leads. It also comes with editing features, so you can easily customize the bot design and its appearance. The free plan allows you to connect up to 1,000 bots and 100k conversations per month. If you need more advanced features, you can upgrade to the Pro or Premium plans.

Chatfuel’s Flows are organized conversations that a bot will have with a user. Each Flow consists of several Blocks, including a message and a bot action. Each Block is separated by a group, which is visible only to Chatfuel users. You can customize your bot using the templates that come with Chatfuel, or create your own from scratch.

With Chatfuel, you can automate your routine messaging. With its re-scheduling and automatic reminders, you can schedule and keep track of interviews. You can even reschedule and cancel interviews. Chatfuel saves you up to 240 hours per month! You don’t even have to know a thing about coding.

Chatfuel has an option to disable the composer. This option is useful for bots that have no AI. If you don’t want to receive free-text input from your users, you should disable the composer. This way, you’ll prevent your bot from triggering the Default Answer message. Another option is to disable the user input.


Creating a ManyChat messenger bot for your website can help you boost sales and engage your customers. These bots can be configured to send emails, follow up with follow up messages, schedule appointments, or call phone numbers. They can also be used to nurture your leads, overcome objections, and remind users over time about the benefits of your product or service.

ManyChat has a built-in chatbot editor where you can choose a number of different actions. You can also choose from a library of messages. Add new messages or edit existing ones, set a delay (from seconds to hours), and store sequences, opt-in messages, keywords, and more.

To get started, you’ll need a Facebook account linked to ManyChat. This account will be used to create bots. You’ll also need a Facebook page to connect ManyChat with your business account. This will ensure your bot works with your Facebook business page. There are other features available to enhance your bot.

Once you’ve set up your ManyChat messenger bot, you’ll need to create a Facebook page and promote it. You can also configure a welcome message and default reply in ManyChat. Your users will receive a message from your chatbot after they have subscribed. Using ManyChat is a great option for building a list of customers and acquiring new ones.

ManyChat also offers a Live Chat functionality that adds a human touch to your conversations. For example, it can notify you if your bot has a message that needs your attention. Another feature is the ability to personalize messages. The ManyChat messenger bot is easy to use but requires some learning time.

While you can choose to use ManyChat as a standalone bot or as part of a larger chat marketing campaign, you’ll want to set goals and objectives beforehand. You’ll want to define your overall business goals and set up flows around those goals to improve your results. ManyChat also offers a free version of its chatbot, which you can use to try out on your business.

ManyChat also has an iOS app that allows you to respond to inquiries even on the go. It comes with integrated features for sales, marketing, and support, and will help you build an integrated messenger experience for your users. The software also allows you to create buttons and custom URLs for your chatbot.

ManyChat is an excellent choice for businesses looking to increase sales and build a customer base. Its many features help you customize your messaging and keep your customers engaged and happy. A chatbot allows you to get your message across to new customers without wasting your time on repetitive email marketing or phone calls.

ManyChat has a free trial version that lets you use the platform for a limited time before paying for the Pro version. The free version includes 1000 contacts but isn’t equipped with many of the bot’s features. There are also paid plans with more advanced features and a seven-day money back guarantee.

Another feature of ManyChat is its ability to automatically send messages to your subscribers. This feature helps you track customer feedback, thank yous, and issues. Moreover, you can schedule messages according to the time zone your subscribers are in. By implementing this feature, you can nurture your customers right inside Messenger and boost your sales and conversions.

ManyChat offers both iOS and Android apps, allowing you to respond to users from any device. Additionally, ManyChat has integration with Facebook and third-party apps like Spotify and Uber. The software is also easy to use and is compatible with many CRMs. While ManyChat isn’t as flexible as Chatfuel, it does have more features than Chatfuel.

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