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Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, indie pop quintet koriakittenriot bring us an album full of hook-laden Americana and indie rock. Taking inspiration from the songwriter’s experiences, ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ is a reaffirmation of hope through tumultuous times.

Singer-songwriter Antti Reikko is the driving force behind koriakittenriot and this is his first full-band release. The songs are well crafted, detailed and ambitious with grandiose instrumentation.

The name

The moniker koriakittenriot has been in use since 2010, when singer-songwriter Antti Reikko launched it as a solo project. In the last two years, however, he has been joined by Lasse Toimi (bass), Teemu Vanska (drums) and Olli Rahkonen as full-fledged members of the band.

The band is rooted in a mixture of Americana, indie rock and psychedelia. Influenced by Elliott Smith, Wilco and Neutral Milk Hotel, they have created their fourth album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’, a record which explores the themes of hope and science in the face of a tumultuous 2016.

It is a record which prods humanity in the ribs with a big stick, but also points us all helpfully in the right direction. With a little whimsical flair, they point out that hope does indeed lie around the corner; despite a very scary world situation at the moment, there is always something to look forward to.

If you are a fan of the indie-pop scene of the mid-2000s, Koria Kitten Riot will be a joy to listen to. It evokes the bright, giddy instrument-stuffed indie pop that bands like Annuals and The Shins were producing at that time. The album is a delightful treat whether you listen to it in one sitting or just a few tracks at a time. It’s a record which will make you smile and it will leave a glint in your eye.

The lyrics

A band that prods humanity in the ribs and hints at what might lie ahead with a bit of cheeky humour, Finnish indie-pop act koriakittenriot aren’t afraid to make their opinions known. Their latest album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’, released in January 2017, is a giddy affair infused with a mix of guitar pop, singer-songwriter Americana and psychedelia.

The record harks back to the mid-’00s, when bands like Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy and the Shins were releasing a very specific type of acoustic-led, maximalist indie-pop that didn’t really get much attention on the radio. The giddy-mood-inducing title track, for example, features coconuts imitating horse clip-clops and has to be a good thing in the context of a song, but the real clincher here is ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ – a tune that genuinely stands out from the crowd.

A new album is always a treat, but when it’s one that also happens to be a well-written, beautifully produced and cleverly-constructed piece of music – the good times just keep on coming. The lyrics and the music of ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ are as engrossing and awe-inspiring as it gets, so you’ll find yourself enjoying this album for many more listens to come.

The band

Koria Kitten Riot is a band that formed in Helsinki, Finland. The band consists of Antti Reikko (singer/guitarist) and Lasse Toimi (bass). They have released two albums and are working on their third.

They have a very distinctive sound that is influenced by Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Wilco, but they are still able to maintain a certain amount of spontaneity. They also take influence from the psychedelic folk of The Flaming Lips and the alt-country sensibilities of early Weezer.

The newest album from Koria Kitten Riot, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men, is an enchanting record that exudes charm. It is a collection of songs that are a joy to listen to, aided by the bands bijou music videos that appear to have been clipped straight from a Wes Anderson film.

In their songwriting, KKR are able to convey the delicate emotions of everyday life in a very appealing way. Whether it is a song about an alcoholic violinist or a song about a mass murderer, they are able to capture the feelings of those around them and bring them to life.

Their lyrics are not only thought provoking but they also provide a sense of hope and purpose in the world. They are able to prod humanity in the ribs with a big stick and make us aware of all of its weaknesses, but they are able to point out that there is always something that can be done about it.

KKR are not only a great band but also very talented musicians. They have a very unique sound that is able to convey the delicate emotions of everyday lives in a very attractive way. They are a very enjoyable band and they should not be overlooked by fans of indie rock.

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