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Antti Reikko, lead singer of the Finnish indie rock band Johnny Superhero, has been releasing soft and beautiful songs under his solo moniker, Koria Kitten Riot. He’s a master at guitar pop and indie rock.

The Helsinki-based band’s debut album — Rich Men Poor Men Good Men — is a delightful, soft and catchy collection of indie-folk-led pop music. It’s a great listen for those looking for a little something to brighten their day.

Lights Out

When it comes to defining an electronica band, few can be compared to the UK trio of Lights Out Asia. Forging a sound that fuses plush melancholy with the sample-rich melding of dissonant guitar swells, plaintive vocals and intricate electronics, the group’s work has a cinematic scope that draws listeners from genre camps as disparate as film soundtrack connoisseurs and 4AD crowds to visceral club kids and atmosphere-huffing headphone fanatics.

Having found their niche on n5MD, the trio quickly began to develop a distinctive sound that eschewed the sterile conventions of modern electronic music. Drawing inspiration from a range of genres as varied as dream pop artist Ulrich Schnauss and ambient pioneer Brian Eno, classic shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and a dash of IDM stalwart Arovane, the trio has forged a sound that is at once uncompromising and impassioned.

Lights Out, the latest single from koriakittenriot, is one of those songs that is hard to explain. It has so many layers and feels like it’s made up of different songs all woven together.

The song tells the story of a mother (Maria Bello) and her daughter (Teresa Palmer) who have been estranged from each other since their mother’s mental illness. During their time apart, they are visited by an unseen presence that can only be seen when the lights are out.

Though it only has a runtime of three minutes, this short film is a very enjoyable watch. The concept is brilliantly executed and the cast are effective in their roles.

However, this film does lose its steam at the end. The premise and characters are very effective, but the underlying scares become too familiar and the film ultimately loses its grip on the audience.

Despite this, Lights Out is an overall entertaining watch and does manage to create tension in the short length. The underlying concept is cleverly conceived and Sandberg does a good job of delivering it to the audience.

Songs of Hope & Science

The latest release from Helsinki indie rock band koriakittenriot is a fine piece of work. They’ve managed to tie-dye their guitar pop sound with a 60s folk rock flavour and good old fashioned harmony singing. The ten track album is a must listen for the avid rock hound, and you’ll soon find yourself on your feet, or at least twirling your hair in the name of the gods. You may even get a few lucky stars down your front, the best thing to do is give it a go. The best part is, you’ll probably make a few new friends along the way. So, while you’re waiting for the big game to start, why not drop in to the JioSavn app and check it out – it has got to be one of the smarter ways to spend your evening?

Let’s Get Started

The mid-aughts was a good time for cheesy, instrument-stuffed indie pop. Annuals, the Shins and Grandaddy were but a few of the many bands who blazed the trail.

The best of the bunch is koriakittenriot, a Finnish quintet fronted by Antti Reikko who ably carries the baton. Their third album, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men is an impressive effort in its own right, and they have an eye on the prize.

There is not a single track on this record that you won’t want to hear more than once or twice. The best part is that if you are patient enough to sit through the long haul, you will be treated to some of the best songwriting in the business. This is an album that will keep you on your toes, and it’s one you’ll be humming long after you finish it.

Let’s Stay Together

A love song in every sense of the word, Al Green’s 1971 hit, Let’s Stay Together, is a romantic soul track that’s sure to make your ears happy. With its simple plea for love and the promise that nothing will break them apart, it’s a song that anyone could fall in love with.

It was recorded at Royal Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, in January 1972, and it was Green’s first top-ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B charts. It was also the only one of his songs to reach number one on both charts, and it topped the R&B chart for 16 weeks.

The song is about a relationship that lasts, despite bad and sad times. It’s a message of love that no amount of trouble can break someone, and it’s a song that anyone in a relationship should hear often to keep them strong through the good times and bad.

What makes it a classic is that it combines the bounce of a dance cut with the passion of a ballad, and there’s no other record in history that comes close to capturing this combination. It’s a song that everyone should have in their collection, and it’s one that can be played at any wedding or anniversary celebration.

This song was produced by Willie Mitchell and features a rolling beat that’s played on traps drums and congas. It’s one of the most rhythmic and addictive drum tracks in pop music, and it’s easy to see why this song became a hit.

In 2000, NPR voted “Let’s Stay Together” among the 100 best songs of the 20th century. It has since been covered by a variety of artists, including Katy Perry and Tina Turner.

It’s a timeless song that was featured in Parks and Recreation’s episode, “Road Trip.” In this episode, Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt drive across the country to visit Ann Perkins. The couple listens to a series of unusual songs, until a cover of ‘Let’s Stay Together’ plays on the radio.

It was a career-defining moment for Al Green. He had never achieved a number one single until this record, and the result was an instant classic. He and Willie Mitchell turned soul music on its head, creating a song that would go on to grace countless weddings and movies.

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