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Koria Kitten Riot is a Finnish band with indie-folk inclinations. Fronted by Antti Reikko, KKR brings well-crafted pop songs full of detail and ambitious instrumentation to the table.

On Rich Men Poor Men Good Men, KKR delivers a record that puts the intimacy of Reikko’s lyrics to a grandiose instrumentation with a sound that reminds us of Bright Eyes and their contemporaries. It’s a very sweet and beautiful album that will leave you smiling and humming.

About the band

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland and fronted by Antti Reikko, the band koriakittenriot have been writing their own brand of indie-pop since the mid-’00s. Their giddy, instrument-stuffed tunes evoke the same feeling that Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy, and the Shins did at that time.

In a world of depressing lyrics and grim music, the soaring melodies of koriakittenriot remind us that life is not all bad and that there is always hope. Their latest album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ is a thematically intertwined collection of songs which focus on ideas brought about by a tumultuous 2016, both personally for the band and around the world.

The band’s sound is a blend of indie rock, singer-songwriter Americana and psychedelia and the songs are often written in a slightly whimsical style. It’s that ability to poke fun at the world in a gentle way that helps them get their message across.

In their own words, koriakittenriot’s album is “built on the experiences of songwriter Antti Reikko”. He’s not the first to put KKR on the map, having released a very good debut album in late October last year, but this record shows he’s taken his talent to the next level and has become a fully fledged band. Having worked with Doug Van Sloan at his studio in Berlin on the recording process, the album is a masterpiece of beautifully arranged pop.

Listen to the singles

Antti Reikko has been quietly releasing beautiful indie pop songs under his moniker Koria Kitten Riot for the past few years. But his KKR debut, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men, went largely unnoticed by the blogosphere, and the Helsinki-based band deserves much more attention than they’ve received so far.

Reikko’s songs are a blend of indie-folk, singer-songwriter Americana, and psychedelia. And they are not afraid to use their melodic songwriting to prod humanity in its ribs, while delivering a positive outlook on life as a whole.

It’s a refreshing approach to music that can help us get through the current global crisis, but it’s also a reminder that hope lies just around the corner. It’s a theme that Koria Kitten Riot have repeatedly touched on, as on their last album, ‘Songs of Hope and Science’.

It’s the kind of cheerful, instrument-stuffed indie-pop that was prevalent in the mid-’00s with bands like Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy, and the Shins. It’s a style that can be very catchy and fun to listen to, and the album’s singles show it off beautifully. Whether you want to listen to the whole album or just a few of these songs, you can find them all here on Wynk. Just search for ‘Koria Kitten Riot’ and enjoy them all! Using our app, you can personalize your playlists and enjoy the latest songs from any of your favorite artists.

Listen to the album

The Helsinki-based band koriakittenriot are fronted by singer/songwriter Antti Reikko and have recently released their fourth album, entitled Songs of Hope and Science. Their music is a combination of indie rock, Americana and psychedelia. The band have been influenced by Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco and The Flaming Lips.

The lyrics to this album are inspired by science and the universe. They explore a wide range of topics, ranging from the future to death. They also draw attention to the weak points of humanity and the frailty of the world around us. However, they also have the ability to make things sound more optimistic and point out that there is always something to look forward to – even in the darkest of times.

As Reikko says in his blog, “Hope does lie just around the corner”. And that’s what these songs are about: hoping for better days. Whether they’re praising our planet or pointing out that the worst may never come to pass, the lyrics are often gentle, melodic and thought-provoking. This is an incredibly well-crafted and enjoyable album.

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