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koriakittenriot is a Finnish indie-rock act fronted by singer-songwriter Antti Reikko. Their latest album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’, released on 27th January 2017, is a synthesis of americana, indie rock and psychedelia.

Songs of Hope and Science intertwines themes influenced by the band’s personal and global experiences in 2016. Lead single ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’, is a hook-laden indie rock anthem, blending piano and guitar with good old fashioned harmony singing.

What is koriakittenriot?

Koria Kitten Riot is an indie pop band from Helsinki, Finland led by singer-songwriter Antti Reikko. Their third album Rich Men Poor Men Good Men is their first to feature a full band and it sees the five-piece re-imagining the genre with a lot more musicianship.

On this album they have re-worked their indie rock sound with some 60s folk rock influence and some good old-fashioned harmony singing. It is a very impressive effort and if you like guitar-based indie pop, you should really check it out. It has an uplifting feel and is very well written – the lyrics even travel across the universe. In short, it’s a very clever record that has something to say about the world and our place in it.

Koriakittenriot – a fungicide

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Koriakittenriot – a pesticide

Koria Kitten Riot are a Finnish band who have been around for a few years. They are an indie rock group who have a sound that is quite different from their peers. Rather than writing about the bleak and dark world that we find ourselves in, they write about life and hope – and this comes through in their latest album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’. There is a great sense of positivity throughout the record and that comes from a very positive outlook that they seem to have, similar to the way Matt Haig writes in his books. This is a record that will keep you thinking about the world and how it works and I recommend you give it a listen.

Koriakittenriot – a biocide

Koria Kitten Riot are a band from Helsinki, Finland and they’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill. They’ve toured both their home country as well as Germany and recorded two albums that were produced in Berlin. They straddle the line between indie rock, singer-songwriter Americana and psychedelia like a fine wine, with a bit of flair for the dramatics and a lot of substance to back it up. They have a good time and have the right ear for a great song and their debut, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men is a fine example of the music they make.

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