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Finnish indie pop quintet Koria Kitten Riot is fronted by songwriter Antti Reikko, and their third album ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’, released on 17th March via VILD Recordings, is their first full band effort. The album reflects Reikko’s experience of being told to “work f*****g hard, be honest and make ballsy decisions”; an important lesson for the band to learn as they continue to develop their sound.

Songs Of Hope And Science

The band’s new album is a heart-warming and uplifting collection of tracks that exude charm. Taking inspiration from Elliott Smith, Wilco, and Americana, the group have put together an ode to a time when there was still a lot of hope in the world.

An Anthem From The 80’s

On an eerie track like this one, the band’s vocalists have a melancholic quality that’s reminiscent of Bright Eyes. The song is a beautiful example of what’s to come on the forthcoming album, which is a perfect showcase for the bands talented musicianship.

KKR Pick Up The Torch Of Maximalist Indiepop

On their debut ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’, the band deliver a giddy mix of indie-folk, maximalist indie pop, and acoustic rock that recalls Grandaddy, Decemberists, and The Shins. The band’s singer-songwriter Antti Reikko sings with the intimacy of a songwriter, but with grandiose arrangements that have us thinking of Bright Eyes.

Having previously collaborated with Finnish musicians such as Johnny Superhero, and a debut feature in the works, the songwriter and guitarist Antti Reikko is well on his way to becoming the indie rock star he deserves to be. He may be a bit of an unknown, but his music has already been compared to the likes of Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens.

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