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The band koriakittenriot was formed by Reikko Kallio, a Finnish musician and guitarist. Their songs are heavy metal-oriented, but they also feature folk elements and a lot of melody.

The band has a great deal of talent and is definitely worth checking out. The songs are catchy and fun, with lyrics that are sure to have you singing along.

About the band

Koriakittenriot is a Helsinki-based folk rock band, formed by Reikko Kullo in 2009. He describes the group’s music as neo-classical and folk-influenced, drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists.

The band is currently composed of a rotating cast of musicians, led by Reikko. He says that most of the current members are friends, and they all love to play together.

They’re also an open-minded bunch, he says, and don’t feel pressured to follow any particular style. They also have a diverse array of influences, from Elliott Smith to Sufjan Stevens to Bright Eyes to Nick Drake.

Their songs are often complex and long, but they’re also a great listen for fans of indie rock. Their sound can be described as “poppy”, and they’re known for their lyrical complexity and ability to capture emotion.

This style of songwriting is one of the main reasons that koriakittenriot have been labeled as an indie band. The band’s songs are generally about personal experiences or issues that the artist is dealing with at the time.

They’ve released three albums, including their latest, titled Home, which has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. They’re currently in the mixing and mastering stages for their next release, he says.

They’ve also been making their way across Europe, playing at festivals such as the Summer Sonic Festival in Sweden. They’re a band that has an exciting future, and a lot of potential to succeed.

Reikko’s songwriting

Finnish indie rock musician Antti Reikko, who records under the name Koria Kitten Riot, wrote all of the songs on his debut solo LP. He plays guitar, piano, mandolin, glockenspiel, harmonica, and vocals on the album, which was recorded in his bedroom using GarageBand. The tracks were then mixed by Eino Anttila.

Reikko said that he gets a lot of his inspiration from jazz music, which is evident on the dusky, haunting gems that comprise this 41-minute disc. He also cites Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Nick Drake, Jon Auer, Damien Rice, The Flaming Lips and early Weezer as his influences.

This influence is reflected in the songwriting, which is a blend of acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, and keyboard. Reikko also sings and translates lyrics from Finnish into English, which gives his songs an even more ethereal quality.

The result is a style of songwriting that’s both timeless and contemporary. It’s a genre that blends folk and pop elements to create an innovative and captivating sound.

In addition to his solo work, Reikko is the lead singer and guitarist of Johnny Superhero, an indie band that recently released a full-length album. He has also written a song for an upcoming musical called The Girl Who Loved Ice Axes, and another solo album is in the works. Ultimately, Reikko hopes to become a well-known artist in the music industry.

Reikko’s vocals

Koria Kitten Riot (KKR) is the musical project of Antti Reikko, a Finnish singer-songwriter. The band originally started as a solo output, and has since evolved into a five-piece touring group.

Reikko’s vocal style is a mix of rock, folk, and electronic music. Her lyrics are thought-provoking, and her melodies are catchy.

She has a strong, clear voice that can be powerful and resonant, or soft and mellow. She can also use her vocals to contrast texturally, allowing for interesting dynamics and textures.

Her low notes are evocative and rich in tone, but she does have a tendency to overtone her vocals, which can be annoying for listeners.

Reikko’s midrange is strong and resonant, and she can create beautiful crescendos with her high notes. She can also use her vocals to create a more melancholic sound, akin to a singer like Sufjan Stevens.

She can also utilise her vocals to contrast with the drums and percussion in some tracks. This allows for an interesting, dynamic feel that makes the songs more exciting and interesting to listen to.

Reikko’s vocals are a unique and intriguing sound, and they are sure to please fans of indie pop music. Her debut album Between a Pillow and a Soft Place is an excellent example of the kind of music that KKR produces. It’s a unique blend of ambient electronic noise, a glockenspiel lullaby, and acoustic guitar.

Reikko’s guitar playing

Reikko’s riffing capabilities are no slouch but he also knows when to take his foot off the pedal. He was a member of the award winning Finnish rock band Swell Season as well as performing in ensembles directed by such luminaries as Dusan Bogdanovic and Carlo Domeniconi.

His latest sonic venture is the Koria Kitten Riot and their debut record, The Lows and the Highs, certainly did not disappoint. The album boasts a whopping 15 songs and the band has enlisted the help of Doug Van Sloan (Bright Eyes, She & Him) in the mastering department. Among the band’s many awe inspiring performances was the grand tour of Germany. It also sported the honor of being named Best Finnish Newcomer at the 2014 Nordic Music Awards.

The best part is that they were able to showcase their abilities at a fraction of the cost of a mainstream rock show. This is a testament to the fact that a solid foundation of fans has been built from day one, not to mention the band’s knack for being able to churn out high energy shows that are as fun to watch as they are to listen to.

Reikko’s bass playing

Having played the instrument for well over a decade now, Reikko is one of those lucky bassists that gets to play on some pretty sweet hardware. Currently, he has his hands on a Gibson SG, a Fender Stratocaster and an Fender Telecaster. He also owns a nice set of drums to go along with his bass. Reikko’s strengths include a knack for songwriting and a love of all things metal. He has also made it a point to get involved in the community. He is a proud member of the Berklee College of Music bass club and has also been an instructor at Victor Wooten’s bass camp and bass school of music in the past. Among his many accolades are two gold rings and a Grammy nod for his contributions to the rock world.

Aside from the aforementioned gimmick, the koriakittenirk, Reikko’s most memorable performance might just be on stage with his band. It is a thrill to be part of such a tight knit family and is the reason behind his tenacity on the mics.

Reikko’s drumming

Taiko drumming is a high-energy, movement-infused performance art that incorporates music, dance, martial arts and athletics. It’s also a powerful form of healing, allowing you to release cellular memories and emotional blockages that no longer serve you.

The most important part of drumming is sound. It travels in pulses and ripples, containing vibration, and can carry Reiki energy.

Reikko’s drumming is as powerful and dynamic as his guitar playing, with a plethora of unique techniques. He uses a variety of different percussion instruments, including the odaiko (huge drum) and the shime, a small, snare-like drum.

These drums are shaped with handtools and decorated with intricate patterns. Some of the most commonly used include tight zig-zags (yarigataayabori), six-sided turtle backs (kikkobori) and fish scales (amijyourokobori).

When playing the odaiko, Reikko is often strapped into a drum he calls the “futo-taiko,” which is designed to sit on top of his shoulders like an umbrella. This allows him to be more agile and move with the music.

Reikko’s drumming carries a calming presence that helps others relax and receive the healing effects of Reiki. This is because the vibrations of the drum amplify the healing energy that is carried in the sound waves. The combination of the sound waves and the calming energy of Reiki creates an intense healing experience for people who receive a drumming session. It can help remove emotional blockages, and allow individuals to open up and share their feelings in a safe environment.

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