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Koria Kitten Riot, the project of Helsinki, Finland musician Antti Reikko (ex-Johnny Superhero), has risen out of the obscurity of the Finnish indie scene to be well received in Europe. Their debut album ‘Homes’, recorded in Berlin with Doug Van Sloan (Bright Eyes, She & Him) handling the mastering, went largely unnoticed but has a lot to offer.

If you are a fan of cheerful, instrument-stuffed indie pop, then ‘Homes’ is a treat for the ears. Its ten songs are all very well-crafted and are a joy to listen to. The songs are full of detail and ambitious instrumentation, reminiscent of Bright Eyes.

The band have a wide range of influences which include Elliott Smith, Neil Young and Wilco. They also have a lot of fun with their music, which means it’s more than just indie-pop.

Their songs are lyrically uplifting and hope-filled, with lyrics such as “Hope lies just around the corner” and “Hope is a gift you can give yourself”. They use their musical skills to craft beautiful and thoughtful lyrics that help the listener to think of their own hopes and dreams.

They also put a lot of work into their video content, with bijou music videos that seem to be ripped straight from a Wes Anderson film. It’s a great way to connect with the songs, and the visuals often give you an idea of the lyrics.

Their music is a great mix of indie-pop, power-pop and garage rock. Those with a love of The Flaming Lips, Elliott Smith and early Weezer will find lots to enjoy here. They are a very good, original and well-made band that deserve the praise they receive from fans and critics alike.

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