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Koria Kitten Riot are a cheerful, instrument-stuffed indie pop band who have picked up the torch from bands like Annuals, Decemberists and Grandaddy.

The band are influenced by Elliott Smith and Wilco, but are also able to create their own sound. Their songs are bursting with detail and ambitious instrumentation that makes them sound like Bright Eyes at their best.

‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ is the third album from Helsinki, Finland indie-folk quintet, who are fronted by singer-songwriter Antti Reikko. The record is a testament to Reikko’s experiences, and is KKR’s first album to feature a full band.

Tracks on the new album range from the catchy ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ to the soft and melancholic ‘The Laughing Man’, and all showcasing Reikko’s songwriting skills as well as his unique melodic voice. There’s also an Americana-inspired ‘Hold on Tight’ and a dreamy ‘Forever’s Going to be a Long, Long Time’ that all contribute to the overall feel of this release.

It’s a joy to listen to, and one that will have you smiling from start to finish! The album is a collection of lighthearted, indie-pop tunes that can be heard as whole or listened to individually.

‘Songs of Hope and Science’ is an uplifting album that reminds us all to keep hope alive. Despite the current state of the world, this lyrical theme gives the album its positive tone. It reassures us that things will get better and that there are still good people out there who want to do something about the problems we’re facing.

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