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Finnish indie-folk gang Koria Kitten Riot return to the fold with their new album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ on 27th January via VILD Recordings

The Helsinki-based quintet, made up of Antti Reikko, Lasse Toimi, Teemu Vanska, Olli Rahkonen and Eino Anttila, are known for their distinctive three-part harmonies and melodic guitar hooks. On ‘Songs of Hope and Science’, a collection of songs that intertwine the themes of hope and science, the band’s evocative songwriting takes centre stage.

Lead single ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ is a catchy and melodic mix of piano, guitar and mellotron that was born out of Reikko’s own personal experiences with betrayal. It’s a song that speaks to the idea of hope, and the fact that regardless of what’s going on in the world there is always something to look forward to, whether it be the Sun’s still shining or our planet spinning around.

Tracks such as ‘Sea’ and ‘The Laughing Man’ evoke a carefree sense of adventure, with a gentle twang that would put the likes of Bright Eyes on the same page. ‘Hold on Tight’ and ‘Hanging On A Dream’ take a more Americana inflected route, whilst ‘Forever’s Going to be a Long, Long Time’ returns to the bands trademark three-part harmonies.

The band’s latest album ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ carries on the same vibe, although with a deeper level of lyrical depth and musical experimentation than previous releases. Fronted by singer-songwriter Antti Reikko, the band have taken their influences from Elliott Smith and Wilco to create a unique and refreshing sound that is undeniably their own. ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ is their first album to feature a full band and is an excellent testament to the talent and determination that Reikko has shown over the years.

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