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The acoustic-led, maximalist indie-pop sounds that were popular in the mid-’00s have been revived by Finnish quintet koriakittenriot. Fronted by songwriter Antti Reikko, the band have sited The Flaming Lips, Elliott Smith, Wilco and early Weezer among their influences.

They have just released their third album, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men on GAEA Records. It’s their first full-band effort and it encapsulates the experiences of singer-songwriter Antti Reikko.


Finnish indie-pop quintet Koria Kitten Riot have been around for a few years now, and their latest album Rich Men Poor Men Good Men has been hailed as the band’s best. The record sees the Helsinki band transmuting from a songwriter led duo to a full band, which is a bold move for any band, but one that leads to some of their most honest and developed recordings yet.

Their lyrical prowess can be seen in songs like Suits & Evening Gowns and Cold Cold Arms, where they tackle sensitive indie rock territory and psychedelia with a light touch. It can also be found in their melancholic anthem An Anthem From The 80’s, which deals with long-gone happy times.

They also have this lovely ability to poke fun at life and its weak points rather than wallow in its pity. As a result, their eponymous new record ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ feels very positive. The album is influenced by Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Wilco, while the lyrics are all about a life lived with purpose.

This album is certainly a must-listen for fans of instrument-stuffed indie pop, especially those who grew up listening to bands like Annuals and Grandaddy in the mid-’00s. It’s the kind of acoustic-led, maximalist indie-pop that can make you smile regardless of your mood.

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The mid ’00s were a great time for cheery, instrument-stuffed indie-pop, and bands like Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy and the Shins pushed this sound to new heights. The Finnish group koriakittenriot are not afraid to dip into that same pool, and their debut release Rich Men Poor Men Good Men does so with all the charm and panache you would expect from their namesake.

There are a number of different influences to be found throughout the album, with The Flaming Lips and Elliott Smith being two obvious ones. Other influences include Wilco, Bright Eyes and early Weezer. Recorded in Berlin, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men was mixed by Doug Van Sloan (Bright Eyes, She & Him) and is the first time the band has gone live with a full band.

Reikko, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, has been playing guitar for a long time and has been a member of Johnny Superhero, but this is his first solo outing. He plays acoustic, electric and bass guitar and also uses glockenspiel, harmonica, mandolin and piano.

KKR’s lyrics are well-crafted and insightful. They often prod humanity in the ribs with a big stick, while at the same time offering a sense of hope. The band’s latest release Songs of Hope and Science intertwines these ideas with a gentle melodic style that demonstrates that the world does not always seem to be in a grim state.

The band are currently writing new material, and a full-length album is due out in the future. In the meantime, you can listen to their debut release on Boomplay for free, or download it for free with our app.


Koria Kitten Riot, the Helsinki based indie pop band fronted by singer Antti Reikko, are back with their latest release. ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ combines elements of Americana, indie rock and psychedelia and the album is influenced by Elliott Smith, Wilco and Neutral Milk Hotel.

This is a very positive and happy sounding indie rock record. The songwriting is beautifully crafted and accompanied by excellent musicianship from all involved, this is a very enjoyable and well put together album which will make you smile and be grateful for your existence on this planet.

The album is written in a gentle, slightly whimsical style which pokes fun at the world but also helps us to understand that there are many things we can do to improve the world around us and it is possible for people to make a difference. It is a very optimistic approach to songwriting and this record is proof that hope still lies around the corner!

It is a great listen and I would recommend it to any indie-folk fan. There is a good smattering of Americana influences and the band has some very nice arrangements which help to make this record sound as polished and beautiful as it does.

I can hear some similarities to Annuals and Decemberists but there is a lot more to this album than that. It has a very specific type of giddy instrument-stuffed indie-pop which isn’t being represented on the radio anymore and there are plenty of songs here that you will want to add to your collection. The band have a very good sense of melody and the vocals are very well done, I’m very impressed by this album.


While this Finnish quintet have toured Europe and beyond, it’s their most recent album – a record they recorded in the bowels of the Berlin art deco district – that really gets the juices flowing. Previously, the band specialized in a mix of indie rock, singer songwriter Americana and psychedelia but their latest effort is more than a mashup of guitar pop and country infused psychedelic goodness. Their latest incarnation is helmed by Antti Reikko and includes the likes of Alexis Gleason on bass and the estimable Nick Stump on drums.

The band’s biggest claim to fame is probably the release of their most recent psychedelic jam, aptly titled Songs of Hope and Science. Described as a “mashup of pop, folk and electronica”, this record features the band’s most prominent members: guitarist/vocalist Antti Reikko (KKR), drummer Alexis Gleason, and keyboardist/programmer Nick Stump. It is the best KKR record to date and has earned the band some well-deserved plaudits from their peers.

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