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The best indie-pop album of the year is undoubtedly ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ by Helsinki indie pop quintet Koria Kitten Riot. This release features a host of well-constructed pop songs that combine the intimate and the grandiose, all on a shoe-string budget.

KKR – the name of the band comes from lead singer Antti Reikko’s cat – is the brainchild of former Johnny Superhero vocalist and guitarist Reikko, who has a penchant for making music aimed at a wide audience. He plays all of the instruments on the aforementioned ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ and his bandmates include Tuomas Lankinen on drums and Matti Vasanen on bass.

The record was recorded at a Berlin studio with the man of the moment Doug Van Sloan (Bright Eyes, She & Him) overseeing the production and mastering duties. It certainly encapsulates the band’s most impressive live performances to date, with a sound that is both organic and rehearsed, reminiscent of some of the best indie pop bands around.

It’s also an apt name for the album as it is full of witty and entertaining lyrics that have the potential to keep the listener hooked from start to finish. The most noteworthy track is ‘Rest in Pieces’, a song with the ability to make you smile from ear to ear with its cleverly written lyrics and acoustic guitar.

KKR have been making music together for the last five years, although Reikko is no stranger to releasing high-quality recordings under a variety of monikers. In addition to his solo projects, he writes and produces music for film and theatre.

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