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Helsinki-based indie pop quintet Koria Kitten Riot are set to release their third album ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’, their first full band effort. The band consisting of Antti Reikko, Lasse Toimi, Teemu Vanska, Olli Rahkonen and Eino Anttila have crafted an album that intertwines hope and science inspired by the experiences of singer songwriter Reikko.

Taking inspiration from bands like The Flaming Lips, Elliott Smith and Wilco, KKR create an infectiously catchy sound that oozes a certain level of charm and indie-pop sensibility. The songs spewed by Reikko and his mates are full of melody, lyrical wit and musical invention that encapsulate the best of the indie-pop scene in 2016.

They have a real knack for bringing together a fusion of Americana and indie rock with some psychedelic elements. Their debut album ‘Ylosnousemus’ is an enjoyable and accessible record that combines all of these influences with their own flair for writing hook-laden music.

On ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ the group continue to bring us their unique brand of catchy indie-pop with their infectious guitar strums and acoustic melodies. The new album is a testament to how much the band have grown and developed, and they clearly show that when a brilliant singer-songwriter makes the decision to take a step in to a full band it can be a very rewarding experience.

The band are a very talented bunch and it is an absolute pleasure to listen to this album. Their sonic explorations are both catchy and captivating, and the lyrics and tunes are written with an innate understanding of their audience.

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