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If you’re looking for cheerful, instrument-stuffed indie pop, there’s a lot to like about koriakittenriot. Fronted by Antti Reikko, the Helsinki-based act’s debut album is a giddy, instrument-laden delight that will leave you smiling regardless of whether you’re listening to it all the way through or only a song at a time.

Songs of Hope and Science is an ode to the concept of hope and how it can be found in even the most bleak of times, with ideas of physics and cosmology weaved throughout the record’s narratives. The band’s latest release, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men, is the bands first full-band LP, and sees them take their unique approach to songwriting to another level.

With influences ranging from Elliott Smith to Bright Eyes, Koria Kitten Riot offer well-crafted pop songs that are full of detail and ambitious instrumentation. The result is an escapist, optimistic record that will have you re-enacting those ’60s rock and roll hallucinations, accompanied by coconuts imitating horse clip-clops on “The Lovers That You’ve Never Had”.

Reikko sings wistful lyrics in his signature croon, and the melodic instrumentation is delivered with a touch of grandeur. This, paired with his playful attitude towards the music, makes for a record that’s not just accessible, but also refreshing.

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