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With a sound that draws inspiration from Elliott Smith, Wilco and early Weezer, Finnish indie pop act Koria Kitten Riot offer up a very charming album. Their giddy instrument-stuffed indie-pop can be enjoyed at any time, whether you want to listen to an entire album or just one song.

Fronted by songwriter Antti Reikko, KKR’s third release ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’, sees the band transmuting into a full-band, asserting testament to Reikko being told “work f*****g hard, be honest and make ballsy decisions”. The result is an exceptional album that has an undeniable timeless feel to it.

The Lows & The Highs

If you were looking for some cheerful, instrument-stuffed indie-pop in the mid ’00s, you could do a lot worse than Koria Kitten Riot. This Finnish group is reminiscent of bands like Annuals and Decemberists in their ability to make quirky, whimsical pop songs with just a touch of seriousness.

This is a band that will put a smile on your face, whether you listen to an entire album or just a single track. The giddy, acoustic-led indie-pop on Rich Men Poor Men Good Men will keep you happy no matter what your mood is.

It’s also a great example of a band that takes their influences and makes them their own. While they take a lot of their inspiration from Elliott Smith, Wilco and Neutral Milk Hotel, they never lose sight of their own unique style.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that their debut album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ has been greeted with such positive feedback. The album sees the band taking a more pensive approach to their songwriting and is infused with elements of Americana, indie rock and psychedelia.

The first track ‘Between A Pillow And A Soft Place’ opens the record with a brief electronic noise that gradually builds into a glockenspiel lullaby, accompanied by guitar and keys to create an ambient sonic environment. ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ then comes next, a rousing tune with a playful tone that sees the band showcasing their talents with three-part harmonies and strong guitar hooks.

The band’s latest album ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ has been recorded in Berlin, and is mastered by Doug Van Sloan (Bright Eyes, She & Him). The aptly named track ‘The Lovers That You’ve Never Had’ is a wistful ballad that will have you in tears at its end.


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The Earth Will Spin Around

The latest album from Helsinki indie rockers Koria Kitten Riot, Songs of Hope and Science, has an uplifting feel to it. This is the result of the band’s tie-dyeing of their guitar pop sound with a 60s folk flavour and good old fashioned harmony singing. Their lyrics travel between planets throughout the universe and intertwine with the themes of hope, science and exploration.

The song “The Earth Will Spin Around” is the lead single from the new album, and it’s an anthem of hope for the future. It’s a song that reminds us all to keep on moving, and that no matter what we face there is always something to be positive about.

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An Anthem From The 80’s

The ’80s was a decade that brought us some of the most memorable music of all time, from Talking Heads and Devo to New Order and Prince. While the ’80s also saw the birth of several genres including grunge, it was rap that launched the wave and changed the way we listen to and think about music.

As a result, we are very excited to showcase koria kittenriot’s impressively-named second album The Lows & The Highs in the lead-up to its release on 19th of October via Solmu Records in the USA and Kyr Records in Europe. This album is a melancholic ode to long-gone times and features well-crafted pop songs reminiscent of Bright Eyes in a format that puts together the intimacy of the singer with ambitious instrumental arrangements.

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