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Antti Reikko – lead vocals, guitar

Helsinki based indie rock band Koria Kitten Riot have returned with a new album. Their latest release ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ is out on 27th January via VILD Recordings.

‘Songs of Hope and Science’ continues the bands tradition of prodding humanity in the ribs with a big stick, whilst also being very light-hearted and fun to listen to, with a bit of a sense of optimism in its writing. It’s a great reminder that no matter how dark things can be, there are always good things in life and we should strive to make the best of them, no matter how difficult it is.

Rich Men Poor Men Good Men (Koria Kitten Riot, 2017)

Throughout the course of their career so far, Helsinki based indie pop band Koria Kitten Riot have managed to consistently produce well-crafted songs that exude charm and are full of ambition and detail. This time round, they’ve crafted a set of tracks that are the most honest and developed that we’ve heard from them so far.

The music is an amalgamation of acoustic, synthesizer and electronic influences that recalls some of the finest indie-pop of the mid-00’s with bands like Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy and the Shins. Tracks like ‘The Lovers That You’ve Never Had’ and ‘The Earth Will Spin Around’ are both witty, hook-laden indie-pop gems that will have you grooving from the first to the last note.

Singer-songwriter Antti Reikko does a remarkable job on the ten tracks that make up the album, demonstrating an impressive skill set in songwriting, singing, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, piano, glockenspiel, harmonica and drums. His friend and collaborator, Eino Anttila, mixes the entire record.

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