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Koria Kitten Riot’s newest album, ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ is an uplifting record that tackles our world with a lot of confidence. Antti Reikko and the band bring a new take on shiny, instrument-stuffed pop music that is more than just a pleasant diversion from the dark.

It fuses indie-folk with a slightly whimsical approach, with some songs bringing an Elliott Smith or Wilco vibe while others like ‘Cold Cold Arms’ have a touch of Bright Eyes. Overall it’s a wholesome, happy sound that’s not afraid to poke a little fun at our humanity.


Antti Reikko aka KKR has been releasing music under his own name for some time, but it’s only recently that his solo work has received the attention it deserves. He’s been influenced by Elliott Smith, Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel and early Weezer to a degree but he’s also drawn from the likes of The Flaming Lips and Bright Eyes for his musical style.

Reikko combines his songwriting, singing, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, mandolin and piano with glockenspiel, harmonica, trombone and trumpet to make an album that’s rich in sonic textures. Tracks like ‘Between A Pillow and a Soft Place’ begin with electronic noise that transforms into a gentle glockenspiel lullaby before Reikko’s acoustic guitar and keys come in to create a sonic counterpoint. Reikko’s friend, Eino Anttila, added his drum tracks to ‘Late Night Friend’ and ‘The Lovers That You’ve Never Had’.

The band are made up of Reikko, Lasse Toimi, Teemu Vanska and Olli Rahkonen and have released a new album, ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ on 27th January via VILD Recordings. Influenced by Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Wilco, the five piece band have created an aural tapestry that intertwines Americana, indie rock and psychedelia.

It’s a giddy and instrument-stuffed indie-pop album that has a lot of zing and will make you smile. It could easily be compared to the mid-’00s indie-pop movement that was fuelled by bands like Annuals, Decemberists and Grandaddy. It’s a very happy sound and one that will bring a smile to your face every single time.


Helsinki based indie-pop act Koria Kitten Riot are back with the follow up to their debut ‘The Lows & The Highs’. Their upcoming album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’, sees Antti Reikko and the rest of the band (Lasse Toimi, Teemu Vanska, Olli Rahkonen and Eino Anttila) exploring ideas of hope and science.

The album certainly isn’t lacking in ambition or detail, with the songwriting and arrangements being a perfect match for the idiosyncratic vocals of Reikko. The resulting music is both a melancholic and hopeful record, with tracks such as Suits & Evening Gowns (a tribute to Death Cab for Cutie), Cold Cold Arms and An Anthem From The 80’s all possessed of the same ear-catching indie-rock charm.

KKR’s songs are all about life, but they do so in an unpretentious and highly literate way, allowing the words to be heard clearly rather than drowned out by the guitars or keyboards. It’s a sound that can be compared to Bright Eyes or the mid-’00s indie-pop bands such as Annuals, Decemberists and Grandaddy.

KKR are fronted by Antti Reikko, whose songwriting is inspired by Elliott Smith and Wilco, among others. His list of influences is long and impressive, but it’s clear that he has a real grasp of what makes his music tick. It’s this understanding that has led him to create an album as lyrically sophisticated as it is emotionally powerful. The result is a stunning piece of work, one which deserves to be much more well known than it has been so far.


Finnish indie-folk act Koria Kitten Riot is a band who are well known for their clever use of visuals. The band’s latest album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’ is thematically infused with Americana, indie rock and psychedelia and is influenced by Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel and Wilco.

It’s a record that is not only full of heart-wrenching lyrics, but also of optimism and confidence in their songwriting approach. The band have this lovely ability to prod humanity in the ribs with a big stick and highlight all of its weak points, but then they would rather poke fun at it than wallow in self pity.

Their new album ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ is their first to feature a full band and it shows the incredible musicianship that Antti Reikko has at his disposal, along with the talent of his colleagues. It’s a fine addition to their discography, and it is very reminiscent of albums from bands like Annuals, Decemberists and Grandaddy. It’s a very satisfying listen and one which will not be forgotten.


The mid-’00s were a good time for indie-pop music, with bands like Annuals, Decemberists, Grandaddy and the Shins purveying a very particular type of giddy, instrument-stuffed pop that wasn’t being well-represented on the radio.

Helsinki based indie-rock quintet Koria Kitten Riot are the latest in a long line of bands to pick up that torch, and it’s a bright one. Featuring Antti Reikko on vocals and guitar, the band have put together an album that is as much fun to listen to as it is aesthetically pleasing. Their third release is named Songs of Hope and Science, and it does a lot of things.

The album is a trifecta of catchy acoustic tracks, witty songwriting and cleverly constructed arrangements. Its aptly named opener, The Earth Will Spin Around, is the standout. Its rousing choruses and hook-laden lyrics are sure to float your boat, and its many layers of musical goodness will keep you going for hours on end. It’s also worth mentioning that this is KKR’s most accomplished album to date, as well as their most cohesive and innovative. The band enlisted the help of Doug Van Sloan (Bright Eyes, She & Him) to handle the production, and this is one record you’ll want to have on repeat for years to come.

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