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Hailing from Helsinki, indie pop quintet Koria Kitten Riot deliver a gentle melodic collection of music that speaks to hope, urging humanity to look forwards. Their third album ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ is fronted by songwriter Antti Reikko and is the band’s first to feature a full band.

An Anthem From The 80’s

When you think of the 1980s, you might imagine an era of excess that was marked by big hair, bright makeup, and intense music. But that’s only half the story: this is also a decade that gave us some of the most iconic songs of all time. It’s a decade that helped birth some of the best pop artists of all time and launched rap as a genre.

In honor of that, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite one hit wonders from the 80’s. Whether you’re looking for something to dance to at the gym or want to belt out a ballad during your next karaoke night, these songs are perfect.

It’s hard to imagine an 80’s anthem without at least one rocker queen making the cut, and Pat Benatar is no exception. Her high-energy sound is what made her a pop-rock superstar and will get your feet moving.

Another rocker chick legacy, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” is an empowering anthem that will show you how to make your mark on the world. It’s about knowing your worth and not taking anything less than what you deserve.

This song was released as a single in the spring of 1982 and would quickly become a hit thanks to Luke Spencer on “General Hospital.” It’s a seductive track that makes you feel like a diva, and the lyrics are definitely something to consider.

If you’re not a fan of the song’s original version, you can find a new version from remixer Saint-Laurent on YouTube. His re-work is actually pretty awesome and will have you feeling like you’re dancing in an ’80s rom-com.

It might be an oldie but it’s one of the best dance tracks ever written, and you can dance to it at home or at the club with no problems. There’s a lot of bass and a solid drum beat that gets your toes tapping, but it’s the lyric “You’re gonna be my best friend” that really sets it apart.


Breathing is an essential part of life. Your body uses oxygen to fuel every single process, from digesting food to moving muscles and thinking. It also gets rid of a waste product, called carbon dioxide.

This process is what makes us human. We need to breathe to stay alive and healthy, but it can also be hard work.

We don’t just breathe in air though, our lungs take in smoke and certain kinds of gases as well. The lungs filter and then re-exhale these gasses, which helps keep the body fresh and clean.

The lungs do this by using different muscles, and your brain sends signals to these muscles. The lungs also regulate the rate of your breathing, which depends on how active you are.

There are many songs that use this trick of lungs, but one of the best is from the Finnish indie band Koria Kitten Riot. The band formed in 2009 as a solo project for singer Antti Reikko and it has now grown to include four other musicians, all of whom share his love for music.

Their latest album, Rich Men Poor Men Good Men is a sprightly and sweet record, which combines the songwriting prowess of indie-folk legends like David Smith, Ben Oberst and Death Cab for Cutie with a hint of folk to produce an album that’s both beautiful and meaningful.

’Breathe’ is the track to watch out for, and I’m pretty sure that it will be the song that will see Montenegro through to Eurovision 2022. The lyrics are very poignant, with Vladana Vucinic using her aching voice to convey her grief for the loss of a loved one and her anger at those who may have deprived her of her life’s most precious commodity.

The Earth Will Spin Around

Koria Kitten Riot have returned with a bang and to mark the occasion they have unveiled the single The Earth Will Spin Around. Featuring catchy hooks and an anthemic fusion of guitar, piano and mellotron the track is set to be a highlight of their new album ‘Songs of Hope and Science’, out on 27th January via VILD Recordings.

Generally speaking, scientists are not too sure what makes the Earth’s core tick. But a recent study suggests that it may have a secret weapon. Using seismic waves to probe the earth’s interior, researchers have discovered that the planetary core might be spinning backwards!

The team at Peking University in China were able to decipher the data in order to discover that the planet’s inner core may have been spinning for longer than a century. This is because its magnetic field has a mind of its own and may have pulled the core to its current state of super-rotation, which in turn has effected the rotation of the planet itself. This may be the reason why the planet’s rotation speeds up and slows down by a minor degree every six years or so. The most important part of this is that the resulting cycles aren’t necessarily dangerous, and the effect probably only affects a tiny fraction of the planet’s innermost sanctum.


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The main aim of SEA is to ensure that your ads appear in search results for the right keywords. This way, your ads are more likely to be seen and clicked on by searchers who are interested in the products or services you offer. This also means that your adverts are less likely to be viewed as spam by search engines like Google.

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Another way that SEA marketing differs from SEO is the fact that it focuses on paid ads rather than organic search results. This is a major advantage for businesses as it provides them with more control over their campaigns. It can also give them a better idea of which keywords are being used by their competitors and how effective they are. This information can then be used in the future to improve your SEA campaigns.

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