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Helsinki-based indie pop band koriakittenriot have re-established themselves with the release of their third album, ‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’. It is a remarkably honest, developed and mature record which demonstrates what can be achieved when a remarkable singer-songwriter transmutes into a band.

‘Rich Men Poor Men Good Men’ is a record that brings the best elements of indie pop to the fore, treating it with sweetness and wonder. It is also a record that leaves you with a smile on your face and a glint in your eye.

The Earth Will Spin Around is the lead single and opens up the album with a fantastically hook-laden song that mixes piano, guitar and three part harmonies. The song was written during a time of deep personal pain, and its lyrics reflect how the Sun will continue to shine and the planet will continue to revolve, reminding us that there’s always hope.

With a nod to Elliott Smith, Wilco and early Weezer the band have crafted an incredibly well-produced album that really works on a grand scale. The songs are woven together with meticulous detail and ambition. It is a very special album that really does encapsulate the indie-pop sound of the mid ’00s – it’s the kind of music that you would expect from a band like Bright Eyes, but koriakittenriot have found a way to do it their own way.

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