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The band koriakittenriot is an indie pop act led by Antti Reikko from Helsinki, Finland. Often found as the lead singer and guitarist of indie rock act Johnny Superhero, he has now released his first solo album under the KKR moniker.

The album is a collection of songs that reaffirms the importance of working hard and being honest as an artist, but also reminds us that hope does indeed lie just around the corner. The album is a personal one, influenced by Reikko’s experiences in life and his love of music and the people in it.

Despite a plethora of influences, the album feels remarkably original and is infused with a charm and innocence that’s often missing in many modern pop bands. It’s a joyous record that leaves you with an infectious smile and a warm feeling inside.

Listen to the full album for free or download the single Cold Cold Arms here.

The album is a cheerful, instrument-stuffed indie pop record that pays homage to the bands of the mid-’00s. It’s the kind of album that makes you want to get up and dance in your living room. It’s a great listen whether you’re in the mood for something a little more serious or just want to listen to something that can brighten up your day.

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