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There are several popular video game characters that have been around for decades. One of those characters, Link, has been around since the dawn of Nintendo’s march to mass-market popularity. As a result, his popularity has only increased with time. And, since he’s an all-time great, there’s no doubt that he’ll stay around for many years to come.


Minsc is a character from the Baldur’s Gate series. He is the ranger who aided the protagonist in defeating his brother. Later, he is captured along with mage Jon Irenicus. While he has a strong desire to protect the good, he is also extremely ferocious. His pet is a hamster named Boo. Minsc believes that he is a miniature giant space hamster, but the player must decide if he’s really a hamster or a rodent.

Minsc is a 6-foot-tall, powerful warrior. He relies on his semi-deranged courage to get the job done. His combat skills are also versatile, and he is good at stealth. But he is also quite fragile, so he needs a guardian. As such, he has a pet hamster that acts as his advisor.

While Minsc is not the most well-known of video game characters, he is one of the most iconic. He can communicate with animals and persuade them to resist attacks. He’s also very good at spotting and avoiding traps, which helps him a lot in his quests. The best part about Minsc is that he’s a human who is not entirely pure-hearted.

Minsc’s suits are as good as the best non-magical field plate armour. The suits also make Minsc much quieter. He also wears a heavy helm called The Eyes of Truth, which was enchanted by Babette Maelstrom, a legendary dungeon runner. The helmet confers thermal vision.


Boo is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, and his wacky personality makes him one of the most memorable. As a Rashemen ranger, Minsc tanked the front line of any half-decent party in Baldur’s Gate, and was infamous for his batshit declarations, which usually involved rodent-shaped wrath. In the game, he is accompanied by his pet hamster, Boo.

Despite being a non-playable character, Boo is a beloved icon from the popular Silent Hill franchise. This is not a game where you can actually play as him, but you can still get to know him, thanks to his infamous tail and adorable face. This character is a key part of the wasteland lifestyle and is a beloved symbol of the franchise.

Another game character with a legendary history is Sephiroth. He was the first video game villain to show us that the player can be evil. He stole garden tools, caused noise pollution, and was the definition of selfishness. In fact, he should be the best gaming character of all time.

Another iconic character is Agent 47. The name Agent 47 is derived from the last two digits of his assigned number. The character is a deadly combination of speed, intelligence, and strength. He was initially conceived by IO Interactive as an old, disgruntled character, but later transformed into a sarcastic and snappy dresser.

Cloud Strife

Originally appearing in Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife is one of the most complex video game characters ever created. With his fractured personality and background, Cloud keeps the player guessing until the big reveal. Though his reasoning is flawed in various critical moments, he still displays moments of extraordinary intelligence and realism.

The character redefined the antihero genre. A troubled young adult, Cloud had a hard time opening up to people. But he had a soft spot for pretty girls. Often referred to as “Jerk with a Heart of Gold” or “Troubled but Cute,” Cloud struck a chord with gamers from Japan to the United States.

Cloud is unlikable, but his backstory is fascinating. Though he was a foot soldier in Nibelheim, Cloud is actually a mercenary who only serves to defeat an evil power company. The game’s story is much deeper than that, though, and Cloud’s connection to Shinra and Sephiroth is masterfully set up. The character’s story ultimately explores the nature of identity, and how to break free from isolation.

Cloud Strife is a poster boy for the Final Fantasy series. His spiky hair, slim features, and massive buster sword have made him a recognizable video game icon. As a fully 3D protagonist, Cloud Strife was a far cry from the average RPG protagonist.


Rayman is a great example of a well-balanced video game character. His platforming prowess is balanced with lighthearted humor. Though Rayman is a child-centric series, he has a loyal fan base and manages to entertain both young and old alike.

Rayman has appeared in a series of games since his creation by Ubisoft in 1995. His limbless body is a unique characteristic that makes him one of the best video game characters of all times. In the main series, Rayman has evolved from 2D antics to 3D platforming. The series is a favorite of many gamers.

The first game features Mr. Dark, Rayman’s arch-enemy. He has stolen the Great Protoon and thrown the world into chaos. Rayman went after him to retrieve the Protoon, but Mr. Dark kidnapped Betilla, who had been giving Rayman powers. Fortunately, Rayman defeated Mr. Dark, and in turn inspired another video game character, the Magician.

Origins is another Rayman game. Origins merged Rayman’s old 2D style with modern gameplay, and introduced the Bubble Dreamer, a super villain who lives in the Glade. He was the main antagonist of Rayman’s first game, and stole the Great Protoon, which provided all the energy for the Glade. Though Origins might not feature Mr. Dark himself, it will give fans more insight into the man behind the evil plans.

The game also features many parodies of popular culture. The game has also been made compatible with the Balance Board and Wii. It is the first Rayman game to be played with your butt, and despite its less-than-favoured predecessor, it is still an excellent 3D platform game.

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem, a blonde, cigar-smoking hero from the early 1990s, is one of the most memorable video game characters. He is the main character of the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series, and is known for his stealth abilities. There are many reasons why he is a favorite among gamers.

Although this character is far from perfect, he is a beloved classic. His unfunny one-liners and nostalgic references to his earlier games keep him alive in the hearts of gamers. Many of the games he bested are still popular today and often receive critical acclaim. His looks remind us of a punk who hit his peak in high school, but he’s graying and on his third wife.

The development of Duke Nukem’s character began in 1987, when Apogee Software, a company that later became 3D Realms, created the first Duke Nukem game. The game was originally titled Metal Future, and was set in the near future. The character’s name came from a suggestion by Scott Miller, who was also involved in the design process. The game’s art was produced by George Broussard and Jim Norwood, and it included voice acting through on-screen text.

In addition to being a legendary video game character, Duke Nukem has become a controversial figure. While no one was expecting Duke to appear in the Smash Bros. franchise, no one expected him to be a dinosaur rescuing “babes.” And while the AV Club has called him an “over-the-top” actor, he doesn’t seem to fit in as an animated dinosaur, despite the fact that he’s a backwards killer.


Ellie is a protagonist in the Borderlands series. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and the character is incredibly complex. Ellie grew up in this harsh world, but she still has a desire for emotional connection and discovery. She also has a knack for cracking jokes.

Ellie’s father, Joel, is also an important character. In the original game, Joel was a lone dad who kept to himself, but he learned to love again during the adventures with Ellie. However, in the second game, Joel was instructed to take Ellie to the Fireflies so that they could find a cure. As a result, he lied to Ellie for years.

Joel is a reluctant hero and is reluctant to protect Ellie because of his loss. He wants to leave Ellie alone, but her presence reminds him of his daughter. Joel’s response to Ellie is overly fearful, self-destructive, and overzealous.

Ellie is a tough teenage girl who survives a global pandemic. She teams up with Joel, a gruff antihero action figure, on a road trip. Together, they make a great road trip duo. The second game, Left Behind, features a prequel of the main game. The prequel is an emotionally harrowing prequel, and Riley is an excellent presence.

Jill is another memorable character in the series. Originally, she was a Delta Force member who fought the bioterrorist Umbrella corporation. Later, she becomes the founding member of the UN Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Her early appearance was undercut by her ability to learn from others and to make smart decisions.

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