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Have you heard about Dead Sea Salt and the amazing benefits it can bring to your skin? People from all over the world flock to the Dead Sea as part of their regular skin care treatments. According to various published reports, about 80% of all eczema patients treated with Dead Sea salt for topical treatment, experience quick improvement of their skin.

In fact, many patients who have used Dead Sea salt for their eczema have found that there is a drastic improvement in their symptoms. The reason for this is the high quality minerals and nutrients that are contained in the Dead Sea salt. These include sodium and potassium, which are present in high concentrations in seawater. In addition, the fine grain of the minera sand has been found to be beneficial for skin health. It is this fine grain of sand that provides the unique benefits of Dead Sea salt for skin care.

Many people suffering from eczema find that using Dead Sea salt and other supplements helps to improve their symptoms and cure their eczema completely. The mineral rich water from the Dead Sea contains a variety of minerals like sodium, potassium and Bromide. These minerals are helpful for people suffering from different kinds of skin diseases including eczema.

Bromide is an extremely important mineral that is found in high concentration in minera dead sea salt. Bromide has the property to deeply penetrate into the skin and provide immediate relief to the affected skin cells. Most eczema medications only contain aspirin and other topical agents that have a drying effect on the skin, apart from being a potential irritant. As a result, many patients have reported significant improvements in their eczema symptoms using Dead Sea salts and other supplements.

Some people with psoriasis also benefit from Dead Sea salt, as it contains high quantities of iron. High levels of iron can cause an inflammation of the blood vessels, which could lead to swelling. People with psoriasis often complain of pain, itching and redness and Dead Sea salt is believed to provide a calming effect.

Apart from psoriasis treatment, people suffering from arthritis and inflamed joints can use Dead Sea salts for relieving joint pain and inflammation. They can take a regular warm bath with Dead Sea salt and fifteen minutes later can apply it to the affected areas. After the first few times of taking a warm bath with Dead Sea salts, you might feel dizzy and nauseous. This is a natural effect. You need to continue taking the bath for 15 minutes and then move on to other parts of your body.

One of the most common ailments affecting the skin these days is acne. Acne sufferers can take advantage of the mineral depleted water content of Dead Sea salts to make their acne lesions and pimples less visible. It has a healing effect on blemishes that are not responsive to other forms of medication. As for the mineral content, this mineral is considered completely safe. So even though there are no side effects when you use Dead Sea salt for acne treatment, it is best to consult your doctor before starting this treatment.

As for sulfur and calcium, both these minerals are present in Dead Sea salt, but they are very much concentrated. Therefore, one teaspoon of Dead Sea salt will give you up to six grams of these minerals. Sulfur and calcium are not only beneficial for your skin and nails, but they have a healing effect on your kidneys and liver as well. They clear your blood, improve your digestive system and prevent diseases like arthritis and heart problems. All you need to do is add Dead Sea salt into your diet or buy supplements from an online market.

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