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Adding a little extra flavor and aroma to your dishes is easy when you use truffle salts. Unlike truffle oil, which is more expensive, a pinch of this salt can add an earthy taste to any dish and elevate your food to the next level!

Truffle Salt Recipes You Need to Try

Sprinkle a bit of this gourmet salt on your roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs or even macaroni and cheese! Elevate your soups with this truffle salt too! This fresh Truffled Corn Soup is a must-try, as is this Butternut Squash Soup with Sage.

How to Make Your Own Truffle Salt

To make your own truffle salt, simply combine finely grated truffle with sea salt. Spread out on a silicone dehydrator sheet and let dry at 38degC (100degF) overnight (or for 8 hours).

A little of this gourmet salt goes a long way!

This black truffle salt is a must-have in your kitchen. It is imported from Italy in flavor-sealing glass jars and will instantly make any meal a gourmet delight. It can be used to add a burst of earthy truffle flavor to any dish and is perfect for sprinkling on popcorn or French fries!

When buying a truffle salt, look for one that contains real pieces of truffle. Otherwise, you might be getting an artificially flavored concoction that will not give you the same benefits as using authentic truffles!

The antioxidant, vitamin C content in truffles helps prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure. Plus, it can help kill cancer cells.

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