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There are many different types of HOME CLOSET ORGANIZERS that can help you organize your closet. Modular closets are a great option, and Custom cabinets provide plenty of storage space. Other types of organizers include Wall hooks and tiered hangers. Regardless of which type of organizer you choose, these tips can help you make the most of your closet space.

Modular closets are a great option

Modular closets are an excellent choice for home organizers who want to have the flexibility of customizing their storage system. Not only can you mix and match the different modules, you can also choose the finishes and pulls for the pieces. These units are excellent for small spaces, and they come with different options for shelves, drawers, and valet rods.

Modular closet systems are also designed to be easy to install. You can install them yourself or hire a professional to do the job. If you’re unsure how to install them, you can find tutorials online that can walk you through the process step-by-step.

Most closet kits have a combination of rods and shelving. Some kits are more flexible than others. They can also be customized to fit your lifestyle and needs. It’s important to decide what you want before buying a closet kit. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can find the perfect one for you. Just be sure to take measurements of your closet first. This will help you get an accurate idea of what type of units you need.

Another great feature of modular closets is that they are designed to fit a variety of spaces. These units are perfect for a small apartment or rental space. They can be laid flush against the wall, and come with a variety of features. These units can include stacked garment racks, as well as side towers for linens and accessories. They can also be combined to create a larger unit.

Home organizers looking for a stylish and functional solution will be pleased to see the variety of options that modular closets offer. There are even some that allow you to move the units around as you need them. Some are made in a modular manner to ensure they last for a long time.

Custom cabinets offer plenty of storage space

Custom cabinets are a great way to improve the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. Not only do they improve the appearance of your space, they will also increase the value of your home. Most home buyers view custom cabinets as a huge upgrade. There are two basic types of custom cabinets: base cabinets and wall-mounted cabinets. Base cabinets mount on the floor and the bottom part of the wall, and they provide a sturdy base for heavy countertops. Standard base cabinets are 24 inches deep and 34-36 inches tall, and usually include shelves for common kitchen items.

Depending on the size of your space, you can choose from base cabinets, tall specialty cabinets, or other cabinet options. You can also choose the style and shape of your custom cabinets. Most cabinets come in standard sizes, but custom cabinets are made to fit the space and design of your kitchen.

Adding drawers to your cabinet is one way to make it more functional. Small drawers can store small items, while heavy drawers can accommodate larger items. You can also use free-standing drawer units that fit inside cabinets. In addition to storing smaller items, you can also use bins from The Container Store to separate items in drawers. These bins can be labeled to keep items organized.

When it comes to choosing the materials and design of your custom cabinets, you should consider your home’s theme and style. Depending on your style and budget, custom cabinets are a great way to add storage space for home organizers. A custom cabinet can be made to fit the wall space exactly and will not create awkward corners. They can also span the full height of your home.

Wall hooks

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, wall hooks are a great solution for organizing your closet. Decorative antique knobs and adhesive hooks can both be used for this purpose. You’ll need an empty wall, a few accessories that need a home, and some hooks to hang your items. You’ll want to hang your most-used items at eye level, and space them evenly.

A series of wall hooks is an excellent way to organize your hats. Kate Reid has done this in her bedroom. For more ideas, check out the app “Stylbook”, a closet organization tool that allows you to create new looks using a series of hooks.

Another great option is to use hanging organizers to hold jewelry and other small accessories. You can also use clear acrylic file dividers to keep dirty duds and small accessories separated. You can also use hooks to hang other items, such as scarves, hats, and bags.

Tiered hangers

When looking for a tiered closet organizer, consider the size and style of your existing space. For instance, you may be able to find an eight-hook rack that will fit your small accessories in one row. If you need to store a large number of items, you should consider a larger model.

You can also purchase storage bins to store items that you don’t need to access every day. These bins can be stored underneath the bed or stacked on a closet shelf. You can also use storage bags, which can fit into a small space. Another way to save space is to purchase tiered hangers, which will consolidate the space you need for pants and skirts. Not only do they provide additional storage, they also allow you to hang multiple pairs of pants and skirts on the same hanger.

Tiered closet organizers come in several styles and sizes. Purchasing the right size will depend on the size of your closet, so you should first measure the size of your closet. Then, visualize the layout you want and determine what types of items you plan to store. A small closet can be organized in a day with a little effort.

Adding extra hangers will not only save space, but they will also help you access your clothes quickly. You can also use a shoe organizer, such as the SeeSpring shoe storage boxes, which come in a 12-pack. This organizer is one of the most versatile and convenient options for organizing your closet. If you’re looking for something more complicated, you can consider the Closetmaid closet organizer kit.


There are many types of storage bins available for home closet organizers. Some are stacked, while others can be hidden. Some have handles for easy lifting. A bin with handles is convenient for storing items in high-traffic areas. Some storage bins can also have a lid to help keep your items protected from dust.

Some of the bins are open, which makes them ideal for storing makeup accessories. They are also great for keeping small items from moving around. These bins can also be placed inside open shelving. This means you can easily find what you’re looking for, without having to dig through your clothes to find it.

Another type of bin is a lazy Susan, which can be used for hard-to-reach places. This product has hundreds of positive reviews. Lazy Susans are also a great way to maximize space in a closet. You can also use under-shelf baskets to increase the storage space in your closet. And last but not least, a shoe cubby can make great use of unused space.

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