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Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning

When you host your home with Airbnb, you’ll want to take advantage of their Enhanced Cleaning program. This service is easy to set up and maintain, but it does require that you provide clear instructions and a regular cleaning schedule. Read on to learn more about this service and how to set it up on your listing.

Quiz for hosts

The Enhanced Cleaning program is a way for Airbnb hosts to earn extra points with their guests. To join, hosts must complete a quiz that evaluates their commitment to cleaning. The quiz can be found on Airbnb’s website. It will include questions about the program’s policies and requirements, and it will also show the hosts if they’re ready to join. After passing the quiz, hosts can display a badge on their listing page stating that they follow a five-step cleaning protocol.

Once certified, hosts can choose to comply with the Enhanced Cleaning policy or continue following their usual cleaning practices. However, if they choose to follow the new policies, they will earn a badge and preferential ranking from Airbnb. They must also pass a quiz on the new cleaning process and sign an attestation of commitment. Currently, the Enhanced Cleaning program is only available to US hosts, but a global rollout is expected to happen soon.

While most hosts have already committed to the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, some have yet to sign on. The ones who do will retain their badge, but those who have chosen not to will have a special callout on their listing page. Airbnb also has a special badge for hosts who participate in the Booking Buffer and Enhanced Cleaning programs. Although travelers can’t filter their searches to only include listings with particular badges, the clear label at the top will let them know which listings are part of the program.

The Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is a new set of guidelines that Airbnb has created to ensure the cleanliness of guest rooms. It requires hosts to follow the guidelines set out by the CDC and former U.S. Surgeon General Vivik Murthy. These guidelines require higher standards of cleanliness for the prevention of diseases like COVID. This includes the use of gloves and hospital grade disinfectants.

Airbnb is rolling out its Enhanced Cleaning Protocol in countries across the world. As part of this program, hosts must complete a quiz and sign an attestation form to demonstrate their commitment to the program. By committing to the protocol, Airbnb will display a banner on their listings, encouraging other hosts to follow their example.


Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning is a program designed to provide a higher standard of cleanliness for your listings. You can enroll in this program by visiting Airbnb’s website. There, you can review the guidelines and complete a simple quiz. After the quiz, you’ll receive an icon that shows guests your commitment to providing a clean listing.

To participate, you must commit to a 5-step cleaning process. The handbook includes instructions that are written by medical and hospitality hygiene experts. The five-step cleaning process is designed to ensure quality for your guests. If you do choose to join the program, your listing will display a special badge on its listing page. It’s difficult to filter listings by their badges, but this prominent label is a good way for travelers to identify participating listings.

Once you’ve signed up for the Enhanced Cleaning program, you’ll be required to follow the program’s strict guidelines. This includes a 72-hour buffer between reservations and the attestation of the host. It’s a good idea to check for this badge if you’re thinking about offering Airbnb listings to your guests. Airbnb has a great reputation for cleanliness, and this new program will benefit you and your guests.

Airbnb enhanced cleaning services cost about $20 to $30 per night, depending on the length of stay. It’s important to remember that a fourteen-night stay requires a higher level of cleaning than a one-night stay. If you split the fee over several days, you can reduce the cost per night.

Before you decide to charge Enhanced Cleaning for your listings, consider your margins and what your competitors charge. In addition to your margins, you should also consider the tax implications of charging a higher cleaning fee for Airbnb listings. By researching other listings in your area and checking out their pricing policies, you’ll be able to set a reasonable fee that won’t deter guests from booking your listings.

While you can set a competitive minimum price for your listings, Airbnb also lets you set your cleaning fee upfront. This way, you’ll be able to charge guests a competitive rate and attract more guests.

Extenuating circumstances

If you’re an Airbnb host who has committed to enhancing your cleaning standards, you’ll be rewarded with a special badge that lets you easily spot other enrolled hosts. While your badge won’t tell guests how clean your property is, it will tell them whether you’ve committed to a five-step cleaning process. Those who follow the protocols can say they’ll buffer between stays, which means they’ll have an extra few hours to clean between bookings.

Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is not fully operational yet, and some hosts have already had a hard time transitioning to the new standards. The company sent letters to community leaders and Airbnb hosts across the country, laying out the rules and recommending changes to make for cleaner properties. As a result, hosts have been scrambling to implement the new cleaning standards and evaluate their impact on revenue.

The new standards were based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and former surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy. Airbnb also collaborated with a company called Diversey, which endorsed the new protocol and is working with the Airbnb community to develop more solutions. And last but not least, the company partnered with the World Trade & Tourism Council (WTTC), which awarded its standards the WTTC Safe Travels seal.

Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Initiative is the first standardized cleaning protocol for the home sharing industry. The new guidelines are available to hosts in more than 100 countries. The Enhanced Cleaning Initiative requires hosts to follow a five-step cleaning process. They must also comply with local laws and guidelines.

Guests can also apply for an extended cancellation policy through Airbnb. Airbnb offers a full cash refund or travel credit in these situations. If a guest cancels their reservation under these circumstances, they will not lose their Superhost status. In addition, Airbnb will refund their service fees.


Airbnb has launched a new program called Enhanced Cleaning Protocol. Hosts enrolled in the program will receive special callouts on their listings, indicating that they have committed to a five-step cleaning process. Guests can choose to stay in a house that is enhanced by this cleaning process if they prefer.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol includes a checklist and handbook that guides Airbnb hosts through their deep-cleaning process. By following a five-step process and passing a test, you will be demonstrating your commitment to cleanliness. This will give your guests peace of mind. It’s also important to have clear, honest signage on your listing.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol is a new program from Airbnb, which aims to raise the cleaning standards for all listings. The program requires hosts to follow a checklist, and hosts can also complete a quiz to ensure that their properties are clean. If they pass the test, they’ll be awarded a special cleaning icon on their listing page and a sticker that says they follow the protocol.

The new protocol will be enforced by 20 November, and Airbnb hosts who don’t comply will be banned from its platform. The program includes a five-step process to ensure that Airbnb accommodations are clean. The first step involves gathering supplies, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, cleaning linens using higher heats, and ventilating the rooms to improve air circulation.

In order to comply with the program, hosts must follow the five-step process and display their badge on their listing. When they pass the quiz, they earn a four-star cleanliness rating that will appear on their room profile. The program is a way for Airbnb hosts to show that they care about the quality of their listings.

In addition to the enhanced cleaning standards, Airbnb hosts can choose to add a 72-hour buffer period between stays. The first 24 hours of this buffer are dedicated to waiting for the host to enter the space and the next 24 hours are devoted to the cleaning process. This buffer period will prevent airborne particles from remaining in the air before new guests arrive.

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