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One way to maximise the space in a small fridge is to arrange items by height. This way, you can eliminate unnecessary storage space. It works best when you are storing the same type of foods. For example, you wouldn’t store raw meat next to cooked ham.

Investing in shallow clear containers

Investing in shallow clear containers to organize your small fridge is a good idea if you are short on space. They can help you corral like items and label them for easy retrieval. Shallow containers can also be easier to clean than an entire shelf. For example, you can easily label them according to the type of food or expiration date.

Keeping a running tally of what you have in your fridge

In order to avoid running out of food, it’s important to keep a running tally of what you currently have in your fridge. This will make it easier for you to identify what to replace with what you already have on hand. Also, make sure to check expiration dates on everything you have. Some foods can safely be kept past their dates, but others need to be discarded.

Keeping a running tally of the things you have in your small fridge can also help you prevent unnecessary purchases. By keeping a list of everything that needs to be consumed, you can make more informed decisions and avoid impulse purchases. This can save you time and money.

Grouping items in broader categories vs. subcategorizing

When it comes to small fridge organization, grouping items into broader categories is more effective than subcategorizing them. This is because broader categories are more useful when maintaining a systematic system. The exception is when subcategories make sense, such as for bulk purchases. Ideally, each category should have its own designated zone and clear product, maximizing shelf space and making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Sorting your stuff into categories

One way to organize a small refrigerator is to sort your things into categories. For example, you might have a section for yogurts, and another for milk. When you organize your items by categories, you won’t have to pull everything out at once and end up wasting space.

You can also sort your things into different sections to make them easier to find. Once you have categories for each food type, you can make it easier to remember where everything belongs. It will also help you to see what you have and what you need. According to Ashley Murphy, the co-founder of the NEAT Method, you should designate a place in the fridge for every kind of food you keep in there. The goal is to reduce food waste and make finding the things you need easier.

If you only have a small refrigerator, you can start with the top shelves. You should place juices, milk, and small condiments there. You can also place larger jars on the tops of fruit and vegetable bins. You can also place small containers and pre-made items on the left side of the second shelf.

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