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The Himalayan Pink Salt, is considered the purest form of alkaline earth-bound salt as well as the most precious natural mineral. This ancient mineral solidified over time due to evaporation and has been identified as the pre-historic purest rock salt available today. It is the second hardest rock salt on earth and its crystal structure is similar to that of the Marble. It is found in different areas of Himalayan mountains and hence, it undergoes a prolonged processing before being available in the markets. The purest Himalayan Pink Salt, is also called Himalayan Crystal Salt, is comparatively expensive than any other form of natural salt available today.

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt can be classified into two: low grade and high grade. The latter type of the salt is used for seasoning and cooking purpose whereas the former type of the salt is used for medical purposes. Most of the people are of the opinion that the Himalayan Crystal Salt that is available in the market is of high quality and it maintains its durability for long. But the fact is that it is completely opposite; the salt that is obtained from the Himalayan Pink Salt depends on the method of its extraction.

The pure crystal salt crystals come in different forms and sizes. The crystal size varies from the fine grain to the large crystals. The fine grains are considered as the best salt crystals and they are available in the market at the same price which is almost equal to the price of the same quantity of the rock salt. The large sized crystals of Himalayan Pink Salt are found at the bottom of the Himalayan mountain and they look like fine grains of sand; hence this terminology ” Fine Grain Himalayan Salt.”

Himalayan Pink Salt has many benefits and they are numerous and they include deodorizing the body, effective in improving the skin tone and rejuvenating the lymphatic system. The salt is known to contain almost twenty percent of the beneficial minerals such as uranium, strontium, chromium and manganese. The mineral content of the pink salt is mainly responsible for the presence of antibacterial property and the antiseptic property. The mineral content of the salt makes it more efficient in retaining the water content of the human body and it helps in cleaning the blood vessels.

A benefit of using the pure himalayan pink salt is that it helps in the removal of the toxins from the body. These toxins are developed due to the excessive intake of the industrial pollutants, lead and other contaminants in the atmosphere. It cleanses the blood and other internal organs of the body. It enhances the immunity system of the body and increases the metabolic rate of the body. In short, it helps in losing weight and maintains a healthy body weight.

According to the scientists, the pink salt is a good source of sodium chloride which can improve the performance of the human kidney and increase the blood pressure. Pure Himalayan Pink Salt should be stored in dry form and should not be kept in plastic bags as it increases the risk of bacterial infection. The concentration of chloride present in the salt may fluctuate according to the weather and environment. Therefore, the storage should be done in dry environment and the container should be changed after every six months or so.

The Himalayan Pink Salt was first introduced in ancient China and since then, it has been considered as the healthiest salt available. The Chinese have been using this salt for curing various disorders and it has cured them successfully without producing any side effects. Table salt tends to absorb the moisture and nutrients in our food and it also contains chemicals and minerals which are harmful to our health. Most of the people use table salt to sprinkle on their foods and drinks to reduce the presence of fat and cholesterol. However, they don’t know that salt is also an enemy of our health and it increases the blood pressure and decreases the metabolic rate of the body. Hence, in order to avoid the adverse effects of table salt, the best option is to use the pure Himalayan Pink Salt.

The salt is derived from the rocks of the Himalayas and it is the salt of purest table salt. It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and zinc which are all important mineral constituents of the body. Himalayan Pink Salt has high quality minerals and this makes it more preferable than other table salts. However, it is very difficult to find and select pure Himalayan Pink Salt as the market is flooded with impure products. It is difficult to find a salt which is free from additives and contaminants and it becomes a tedious task. Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is the best option for you as it contains all the trace minerals and it does not contain any amount of chemicals and impurities.

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